Wisdom from a Fish Named “Obama”!


In June, scientists discovered a new species of fish in the Pacific coast in Hawaii and named it “Obama”, in honor of the president of the United States. What fascinates me—and I’m not at all an expert in this field—is that, after decades and decades of sea exploration, scientists are still discovering new fishes (and…

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5 Reasons You Are Not Moving Forward—Even If You Are Working Hard


You’re working hard, I know. Why then aren’t you getting results? Why is your progress so slow? Despite your best efforts, you don’t seem to be making any headway. Exhausted, disillusioned, and quite frankly, a little discouraged, you feel like you’re pushing a stalled car uphill. Don’t despair. The journey to a great destination often…

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Why It’s Vital That You Express Your Authentic Self


You are wonderfully made. Your Maker handcrafted you and gave you such unique attributes. In the history of mankind, there’s never been someone exactly like you. You are unique, and with that, have a unique contribution to make to the world. You offer a great gift to the world when, having discovered who God made…

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How to Overcome the Perfection Syndrome – Part 4

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Let’s say I’m interviewing you for a job opportunity and I ask you, “What is your greatest weakness?” What would you answer? If you said, “perfectionism”, you are not the only one. In my experience as a job interviewer, this is by far the most common answer to the standard what-is-your-greatest-weakness question; it’s to the…

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How to Overcome the Perfection Syndrome – Part 3

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Too many people, for fear of failure, hold back from pursuing their goals. It’s not that they don’t have goals; they do. But they are afraid that they won’t make through the journey. As a result, paralyzed, they never begin their journey. For fear that they might sink or get splashed, they keep their ship…

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How to Overcome the Perfection Syndrome – Part 2

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Like many, I grew up admiring various athletes: Micheal Jordan, the king of the basketball court; “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky, the king of the hockey ring; Steffi Graf, the queen of the tennis court; “Iron” Mike Tyson, the king of the boxing ring; Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, the dynamic duo ruling the football…

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How to Overcome the Perfection Syndrome – Part 1

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Let’s talk about perfection! Have you ever said one of the following statements: “I’ll start when the timing is right.” “Everyone I date has some sort of weird issue.” “I haven’t started working on the project because I still don’t have all the details.” “I haven’t shipped the product or finished the speech or published…

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3 Basic Rules of Engagement Every Thought Leader Must Live by

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I spend quite a fair amount of time reading and listening to ideas from other thought leaders. Many of these ideas have had a profound impact on my life. Being a thought leader—someone who influences others by sharing ideas—is a privilege but also a great responsibility. It’s a privilege because thought leaders shape the minds…

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This Simple Question Will Help You Make Better Decisions

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Decisions shape our lives. We make decisions and then they “make” us. When we make too many bad decisions (and don’t correct them), our lives become a caricature of what it was meant to be. The good news is that, with every decision, we have an opportunity to turn things around and incrementally improve our…

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7 Powerful Ways to Fight Back When Fear Attacks

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In my previous post, I shared 5 common fears that may be holding you back. Now, I want to give you 7 powerful ways you can fight back when fear attacks. Fear holds no punches. It doesn’t play fair. It wants to dominate your life, nothing less. It will launch surprise attacks. It will do…

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