7 Powerful Ways to Fight Back When Fear Attacks

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In my previous post, I shared 5 common fears that may be holding you back. Now, I want to give you 7 powerful ways you can fight back when fear attacks. Fear holds no punches. It doesn’t play fair. It wants to dominate your life, nothing less. It will launch surprise attacks. It will do…

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Which of These 5 Common Fears Are Holding You Back?

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Fear kills dreams. It shackles potential. And in the end, it robs the world of the great contribution many would otherwise make. Too often, we allow fear to hold us hostage and keep us from pursuing our God-given purpose. Instead of soaring to greater highs and living the life we were meant to live, we…

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Dare to Be Bold!

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You are designed for success, destined for greatness. What you can accomplish in your lifetime is great; part of your potential is yet to be released. The greatest treasures God placed inside you are yet to be shared with the world. That said, if you are to express your greatness, achieve all you see in…

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4 Tips to Help You Discover Your True Talents

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God blessed you with many talents, some of which have the potential to make you world-class in a specific field. But if you are unaware that you have these talents, your results in life will likely suffer. Your talents are your “tools” for service, and to serve effectively, your must be aware of the tools…

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How to Win Your Personal Championship Match!

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I have watched many championship matches. I presume you have too—perhaps, you have even played in a few “do-or-die” matches yourself, where the winner takes it all. Whether you have watched players wrestle for the crown or have wrestled for it yourself, you know the excitement that surrounds such events. It’s nothing like playing a…

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8 Must-Have Qualities to Achieve Your Goals—Fast!

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Setting goals is important. But you don’t want to stop there; you want to achieve your goals. In other words, you don’t simply want goal-setting, you want goal-achievement: get to the finish line, cross the goal of the list, and move on to the next one.

The 8 qualities I share here are indispensable if you want to achieve your goals (and achieve them fast).

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3 Simple Tips to Learn Anything You Want!

Trusted Guide

Learning is forever part of our lives, and I encourage you to keep these 3 simple tips in mind as you embark on your learning journeys.

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The Importance of Using the Right Tools

Right Tools

If you want great results, you’ll need great tools. You may not be able to acquire those tools right way because of various constraints, such as monetary constraints. However, getting the best tools should be part of your plan.

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Happy 2016—An Exceptional Year!

An Exceptional Year

The page is now turned on 2015. No matter what happened in 2015—good or bad—2016 will be greater and better. By focusing on the three areas described in this article, you’ll be well on your way to making this year exceptional.

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3 Questions You Must Answer to Maximize 2015

Maximize 2015

If you haven’t taken the time to plan your year yet, it’s not too late. To help you do this, I want to ask you three questions, which I believe will help you not only plan your year, but maximize it.

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