10 Ways to Express Your Generosity — Part 1

I am blessed to be born to very generous parents. As a kid, I didn’t get why my parents—who didn’t even have that much for their family of 4 kids—would turn to others and give out of the “little” we had. To this day, when I think about my childhood and teenage years, I wonder how they were able to give so much. To be honest, it humbles me.

As I journeyed through life, it became clearer: life is about generous giving. The Christ said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” We are made to give—and give generously. That’s why we get such fulfillment from giving.

In this 2-part series, I want to share with you 10 ways you can express your generosity. In this post, I give you 5 ways and, in the next post, I’ll give you the remaining 5.

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1. Be Generous With Your TIME

As time is your most precious resource, giving of your time to someone is a great gift. Because life can get quite busy sometimes, you most likely will have to make a conscious effort to spend more time with the people who need more of your presence. Otherwise, you’ll end up consuming all your time on your own activities and never share those special moments with people who matter, and these special moments are the stuff life is made of.

2. Be Generous With Your MONEY

You may not be a millionaire, but you can give at your level. Generosity isn’t a function of your bank account. It’s a function of your heart. Be generous with your money. I’m not suggesting that you squander it irresponsibly. There are people who are less fortunate than you, whom you can help financially. There are organizations—your church, humanitarian organizations, medical research centers, etc.—that could greatly benefit from your financial support. When you consume all your money on yourself, you miss out on the great blessing of giving.

Generosity isn't a function of your bank account. It's a function of your heart. Click To Tweet

3. Be Generous With Your POSSESSIONS

If you look around your house, you’ll find a variety of quality items that you don’t use. These are sometimes brand new articles that don’t serve you. They are hanging in your closet, hiding in your storage room, sleeping in your drawers, sitting in your pantry, collecting dust on your library shelves, etc. Why not give all this stuff to people who need it? Put them in boxes and bring the boxes to the donation center. The center will find people who can make good use of those items.

4. Be Generous With Your WORDS

Your words are powerful, and they can make a big difference in someone’s day (and even life). Be generous with you words. I don’t mean: be verbose. I mean: be encouraging. Freely give words of affirmation. Lavish others with genuine compliments.

Let the generosity of your heart be conveyed by the words from your mouth. Remember that people often have to deal with a lot of negativity and pain in their lives—and you may not be able to tell from appearances. Let your mouth be a fountain of encouragements. Wherever you are, be a source of positivity, so that, when people leave your presence, they are better than before they met you.

Let the generosity of your heart be conveyed by the words from your mouth. Click To Tweet

5. Be Generous With Your TALENTS

Your talents and abilities are meant to serve others. What would be the point of being a talented teacher if you had no one to teach to? What would be the point of being a talented musician, painter, writer, or sculptor if no one could appreciate and benefit from your art? Your talents and giftings are your equipment for service. Don’t be stingy in sharing them. Serve. Serve. Serve.

Today, you can decide to be more generous with your time, money, possessions, words of affirmation, and talents. In fact, I challenge you to step it up a notch in your giving. Give generously.

Question: How will you be more generous today?