2 Productivity Accelerators You Must Leverage—To 10X Your Productivity

You’ve worked hard at becoming more disciplined. Now, you’re way more productive than you used to be. You would go as far as saying that you’re operating at your best; you now understand how to get things done. What’s next? Can you still boost your productivity?

Can you still boost your productivity?

The answer is an unequivocal, “Yes”. Not only can you boost your productivity, you potentially can boost it 10 times. I know that’s a bold claim. But it’s true. If you leverage the 2 productivity accelerators I’m about to share, you can yet take your productivity to another level.

Your Tools

The first productivity accelerator I want to touch on is “tools”.

Tools are “catalysts” that enable you to do more with less. With the right tools, you can do more while deploying less energy, which frees up your energy for other activities.

Think about any tool you use and you’ll get to the same conclusion: the tool enables you to do more in less time and with less effort. Notably, technology has provided us with many tools.

A simple example of a tool is your car. Your car is a tool that enables you to go from your home to work in less time and with less effort. I’m sure you would agree that taking your car to work dramatically increases your efficiency (unless you work from home, of course): you get further, faster, and with less effort. Without it, you could still get to work, but it would take longer and you would sweat a bit more.

If you translate this idea to your work, you can see how the right tools can significantly boost your productivity, even by a factor of 10 (if not more).

Consider the times when you’ve updated your computer. The old computer was lagging and slowing you down; you had to wait for it to “think”. The upgraded computer immediately enabled you to make gains in efficiency. That’s the power of tools.

The message here is: invest in the right tools.

Your Collaborations

Your collaborations are the second productivity accelerator.

The results we can achieve together are exponentially greater than the sum of the results we can achieve separately. It’s really that simple.

When other people’s energy is coupled with yours to achieve a common goal, your productivity increases exponentially. In fact, the production of the collaboration is exponentially greater than the sum of the production of each person.

If you try to move a big table by yourself, you’ll struggle and perhaps damage the table and your walls. Get only one other person to help you, and it’s a completely different story; the task becomes much simpler.

That’s the power of collaboration. That’s the power of teamwork.

Collaborating with the right people boosts your productivity, even by a factor of 10.

It’s true that, when you adopt new tools and start new collaborations, it may slow you down a little at first; you must learn the tool and learn to work with your collaborators. However, once you find your rhythm and start leveraging your tools and your collaborations effectively, you boost your productivity to unprecedented heights.


About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.