2 Ways of Preparing For the Journey Toward Your Goal

When you go on a camping trip, you invest the time to prepare yourself accordingly. For example, you’ll pack your tent your flashlight, and other related items.

However, if you’re traveling south and are going to stay in a resort by the beach, your preparation will differ. For instance, you won’t pack a tent nor a flashlight.

Your destination determines how you prepare for your journey.

When you set a goal for yourself, it’s essential that you allocate the time to prepare for the journey that is set before you. You must determine what you’re going to need to ensure your journey is successful. In particular, there are two ways you must prepare.

1. Skills

Before you launch your journey toward your goal, determine which skills you’ll need for your journey. Perhaps some of those skills you already possess. However, there may be some skills that you don’t yet have and some that, although you have, you’ll need to sharpen.

Say you set the goal of launching a YouTube channel in 90 days. You may need to acquire so video editing skills and sharpen your communication skills (on video) among other skills.

Of course, you may decide that you outsource some parts of your goal, which saves you from having to acquire some of those skills yourself. What matters is that you consecrate time to think about the skills you need for your journey.

In a broader sense, when you prepare to pursue a goal, you must determine whom you must become if you wish to achieve your goal. What kind of person accomplishes this type of goal? Thus in addition to the skills, you must develop, you can reflect on the habits, and mindsets you should cultivate in your life to become that person.

If you’re pursuing an important goal, surely, you’ll need to grow to achieve it. You don’t have to leave your growth up to chance. You can proactively prepare and establish your growth plan. Most likely, you’ll grow beyond what you can prepare for. However, you should still work on your growth plan.

2. Resources

You wouldn’t build a house before you count the cost. When you set a goal, identify the resources you’ll need.

Resources include:

  • financial resources (i.e., the amount of money you need for the project or the trip or to publish the book, etc.);
  • material resources (i.e., the tools and accessories and other materials you need to support your goal); and
  • human resources (i.e., the people you need to come alongside you during your journey).

In addition to these resources, you want to give some thought to the time investment you’ll have to make if you hope to achieve your goal. It will ensure that, at this current stage of your life, you have enough time to dedicate to your goal.

Preparation is vital to the success of your goal. The time you spend preparing is time well invested.

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Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.