My 2014 Start Strong Personal Challenge was to release daily motivational videos (which I called motivational moments) during the entire month of January: one video a day for 31 days. Here are the 31 posts with the videos. Enjoy!

Day 1: Remove the Lid Off of Your Dreams (Dream Big)

Day 2: Try Something New

Day 3: Be Present

Day 4: Extract Wisdom and Lessons from Your Mistakes

Day 5: Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

Day 6: Get Focused and Stay Focused

Day 7: Dare to Be You

Day 8: Keep Your Negative Thoughts in Check

Day 9: Take Responsibility for Your Results

Day 10: Manage Your Resources Wisely

Day 11: Invest in Your Growth

Day 12: Commit to Excellence

Day 13: Be Proactive

Day 14: Commit to Serving Others

Day 15: Don’t Wait until You Feel Like it to Do What You Know You Should Do

Day 16: Endure the Process

Day 17: Set Inspiring Goals for Yourself

Day 18: Embrace Change

Day 19: Cherish Your Relationships

Day 20: Plan for Success

Day 21: Accept Help from Others

Day 22: Be a Problem Solver

Day 23: Watch Your Mouth

Day 24: Maximize Your Strengths

Day 25: Guard Your Heart

Day 26: Take Time to Rest

Day 27: Talk Less and Do More

Day 28: Choose Your Associations Carefully

Day 29: Aspire to Leave a Great Legacy

Day 30: Push until the Finish Line

Day 31: Celebrate Your Achievements