3 Basic Building Blocks for Getting Things Done

You want to get things done. Good. That’s the only way you’re going to do the great work you’re meant to do. In fact, to do great work, you must become a “doer,” an action-taker.

You make progress when you get the right things done. And, at the most basic level, there are three concepts you must focus on.

Remember those three basic building blocks for getting things done, and you’ll be equipped to chart your path in any context (i.e., home, work, church, business, etc.).

Building Block 1: Targets

Your targets are your desired outcomes. They define the result you’re after.

A target answers the question “What do you want to accomplish?”. It sets your direction and defines where you end up at the end of your journey. Thus, you want to make your targets are as clear as possible; it’s hard to hit a fuzzy target.

As you can imagine, you can have main targets, which then a broken down in sub-targets. To reach one of your main targets, you must simply hit the related sub-targets.

“Targets” is your base building block on which the other two building blocks rest.

Building Block 2: Tasks

The only way you reach your targets is by taking action. More specifically, once you have a clear target, you must set and complete specific tasks that will lead you there.

Your targets dictate your tasks. Your tasks lead you to your targets.

Until you (or someone else) take the required action steps, you make no progress. Action pushes you forward. As you keep taking your next action (i.e., complete your next task), step by step, you get closer and closer to your target.

“Tasks” is your second building block on which the three building block rests.

Building Block 3: Timing

Your third building block is timing. Your timing defines when you’re going to tackle your tasks, and this ultimately determines when you’ll reach your target.

Timing is everything.

You must plan when you’re going to complete the tasks required to reach your target, making sure you sequence them in the proper order and that you allow enough time to handle each one.

These are your three building blocks for getting things done: targets, tasks, and timing.

Your targets define WHERE you want to go; your tasks, HOW you plan to get there; and your timing, by WHEN you expect to get there.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.