3 Benefits of Organizing Your Office Space

Every day, you get inundated with information, paper, and just stuff. To avoid being overwhelmed and submerged by such influx, you must decide what to do with all of it. Leaving it unattended creates clutter in your life. And before you know it, your office is filled with scraps of paper, printed material, meeting notes, magazines, Post-its, misplaced books, all sorts of wires and other objects.

If you’re not careful, this can get out of hand, and your performance can begin to slip gradually; the clutter slows you down. The antidote is to keep your space organized.

1 Organization Saves Time

Organizing your space saves time—your time and that of others. This is perhaps the most apparent benefit of organizing your space. When you remove all the clutter and ensure you everything is in its place, you waste less time looking for your items.

Plus, if others have to come looking for something, it’s easier for them to find their way around your space—at least they don’t need to sift through a pile of random, disorganized items.

That alone is reason enough to keep your space organized.

2. Organization Reduces Visual “Noise”

Disorganization creates visual “noise. Clutter and messiness are distracting—sometimes, stressful. The more clutter, the more potential distractions. Every time you look at your space, you’re bombarded with a barrage of useless data (visual noise).

When your office space is organized, you don’t see random, distracting items lying around. Keeping your area tidy frees up mental space, which you can use to focus on what matters most.

3. Organization Sends a Message

Keeping your space organized sends the message that you care about your space, and by extension, that you care about your work. It says that you’re committed to excellence and that, when something is entrusted to you, you take care of it.

Of course, this isn’t sufficient to prove that you’re an asset to your organization. You must deliver the goods by producing excellent work. However, organizing your space does send the message that you pay attention to what falls under your jurisdiction.

From time to time, look at your office space and ask yourself, ‘What kind of person has an office like this?’ And make sure you keep your space in a way that you’re happy with your answer.

Organizing your office space doesn’t have to be complicated: get rid of all unneeded items and find a home for the rest. If you struggle to find a home for an article, put it in a box (i.e., a dedicated box for “homeless” items). In a week or two, sort through that box, finding a home for the things you need and eliminating the rest.

By organizing your office space, you save time, reduce visual ‘noise,’ and sends the message that you mean business.

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