3 Commitments You Must Make to Become Irreplaceable

If you remain average, you’re easy to replace. Like a cog in a wheel, the “average” is easy to replace.

Many people settle for average when they could be exceptional, even irreplaceable. That’s unfortunate because we all lose when someone settles for ordinary; we miss the extraordinary contribution they were meant to make.

We’re not meant to be average; we’re meant to be irreplaceable—each in our own way.

I don’t know much about you, but I know this: you’re not average; you’re exceptional. You may not be great at everything—neither do you need to be—but there’s a field where you’re above average, even remarkable.

There’s a “place” where your talents shine brightest, and there, you can become irreplaceable. And when you find that “place”, you have a shot a becoming irreplaceable. However, if you wish to be irreplaceable, there are 3 commitments you must make.

Commit to Excellence

Cultivating the habit of exceeding expectations will set you apart. Anyone can deliver the ordinary, but someone irreplaceable goes the extra mile and delivers the extraordinary.

Don’t be satisfied with doing the strict minimum: the least possible. While others say, “Why do more when you can do less?”, you say, “Why do less when you can do more?”

When you commit to excellence, you become very difficult to replace.

Commit to Positivity

People don’t remember most of what you say. They remember some of what you do. But they surely remember how you make them feel.

Think about the people who, for good or bad, have left their imprint on you. You’ll realize that, at the core of what you remember, is the way they made you feel (good or bad).

People thirst for encouragement but are having a hard time finding it. When you become a fountain of positivity for the people you come in contact with, you become irreplaceable; people come to you to draw water of positivity.

Commit to Creativity

Your ability to tap into your creativity gives you an edge. Creativity is the differentiator. Imitation is easy; creation harder.

You don’t become irreplaceable by copying someone else’s stuff. In fact, copycats are the easiest to replace. However, creatives bring something unique to the table and that makes them irreplaceable.

You may not be Mozart or Picasso or Shakespeare, but you are creative: you have ideas that can make a difference. For instance, many problems in your workplace are waiting for someone to solve them in a creative way. You can be that person—if you make the effort and commit to creativity.

When you combine a commitment to excellence, positivity, and creativity, you stand out and become very difficult to ignore: you become irreplaceable.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.