3 Common Mistakes That Will Sabotage Your Productivity

If you want to make sure you make sure you don’t sabotage your productivity, you must avoid making certain common mistakes.

1. Performing the Wrong Activities

You’re using your 24 hours every day–you don’t have a choice. But the question you must answer is; Are you investing your time in the “right” activities? This question is crucial.

You can’t add more hours to your day. However, you can ensure that ones you have are well invested. You do that by making sure you focus your attention and energy on high-value activities. These are activities that help you move your life in the direction of your most important goals.

High-value activities should not be at the mercy of low-value ones. Truth be told, low-value activities—how interesting as they may be—are distractions. And if you want to increase your productivity, you can’t afford to indulge in distractions.

To ensure insidious distractions don’t sabotage your productivity, put your activities on “trial” regularly, asking the question: “Is this the best use of time?” When your answer is, “No,” it’s time to make adjustments in your schedule.

2. Pursuing Too Many Targets at Once

A sure way to tank your productivity is by spreading yourself too thin. You’re particularly at risk if you’re an achiever: someone who is driven and aspires to accomplish many things.

In fact, when you have many goals on the go, it can become a significant challenge to give each goal the attention it requires to make them progress at a steady pace.

Trying to juggle too many balls at once can cause you to drop a few balls and thus sabotage your productivity. Because everyone has a different capacity, you must find the right balance for you. That said, as a general rule, you want to prioritize your goals, your activities, and your tasks, and make sure that your efforts go to the ones you identify as most important.

3. Burning Your Candle at Both Ends

There’s so much you can do in a day. That is, your attention and energy aren’t infinite. At one point you must, stop, focus your attention on something else, and rest. And if you’re ambitious, this may be a challenge. But you must be mindful of this; no one can go full throttle 24/7.

Being overzealous often backfires. You push yourself too hard, and instead of increasing your productivity, it decreases it. You have to be in tune with your mind and your body so that you know when enough is enough. Again, because everyone is different, you must find the proper work-rest balance that works for you.

Productivity requires that you pace yourself. You must leverage your peaks of energy by using them on valuable activities and make sure that you allow yourself enough time to rejuvenate yourself.

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Vladimir Elie

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