3 Ingredients You Must Inject in Everything You Produce

You have great contribution to make. And to make that contribution, you must become productive. But you can’t just produce anything and expect to affect others, just as you can’t mix any ingredients and expect to cook an exquisite dish.

To ensure that the fruit of your production is delectable, as in touches the hearts of people, inject these three ingredients in your work.


You’re creative. Thus, inject a dose of creativity in what you produce. In fact, your work should bear your DNA. When people see your work, they should recognize something of the parent who produced it.

You’re not meant to remain stuck in imitating others. Copying others is the easy road. But no one produces remarkable and memorable works by staying on the path of imitation.
In the process of development, you learn by imitating others. But as you mature, you must move from imitation to creation, where you tap into your creativity and produce works that reflect your uniqueness.

Put a little bit of ingenuity in the work you produce.


If you’re creating something, you might as well make it to the best of your abilities. If you’re producing work, you might as well produce great work.

Producing mediocre work doesn’t require a lot of effort. Anyone can do that. But excellence demands commitment. You must be intentional and hold yourself to high standards.
Whatever you create, strive to make it the best you can make it. Give your 110% to produce your best work. Don’t settle for “half-baked” work. Push and go the extra mile.
Let your work bear the marks of excellence.


Life is about serving others, and one of the ways you do this is with your work. Make sure that what you create adds value to the lives of others. Your work can improve someone else’s life in various ways.
Producing work for self-serving reasons is too low of a goal. Your work can outlive you, but to do so, it must go beyond yourself and extend to others.

Let your work be driven by a spirit of generosity.

In short, inject your uniqueness into your work. Make your work as exceptional as you can. And add extraordinary value to the lives of others. If you put these three ingredients—i.e., ingenuity, excellence, and generosity—into your work, you can be sure that your work will make a difference –and be remembered.

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Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.