3 Procrastination Strategies You Must Know About

Procrastination is a fierce enemy. It gobbles your time and, while it has a hold on you, you’re not accomplishing your goals. In the end, you’re the one that pays for it.

If you want to do significant work and accomplish great goals, you must overcome this tendency to procrastinate.

Procrastination has many cards up its sleeve. It knows how to trip you up. In particular, there are three subtle strategies it uses to control you.

1. Avoidance

When you sit down at your desk to work, and you decide that this is the perfect time to clean your desk, broom your office, tidy up your computer cables, you’re avoiding the work.

Avoidance is when you’re engaging in a whole lot activities because you’re trying to avoid having to do your important work. You know what you should be doing, but you’re avoiding the work by doing all sorts of other activities.

Don’t avoid your important tasks. Delaying them doesn’t make them go away. When you’re done procrastinating, the work is still there waiting for you. And if it’s no longer there, it’s because you missed your opportunity.

2. Deception

When you say things like, “I work better under pressure,” you’re deceiving yourself and empowering procrastination to keep its grip on you.

Deception is when you tell yourself excuses to justify your tendency to procrastinate. You deceive yourself saying, “Procrastination is okay.” In fact, you can go as far as presenting it as a “superpower”: “I can wait until the last minute and still make it happen; I must be a superhero.” You’re not; you’re a prisoner of that bad habit, and it’ll cost you.

Don’t fall for this procrastination strategy.

3. Resistance

When someone requires something from you, but you don’t want to comply with their request, you procrastinate as a sign of resistance.

Resistance is when you refuse to do something you must just because you don’t like feeling that you’re forced to do something.

The teenage boy procrastinates because he feels forced by his mom to mow the lawn. It’s not that he’s currently busy, doing important work that would prevent him from complying with his mom’s request. It’s just that he doesn’t like feeling controlled by her, who, he feels, barges in all the time and seeks to make his life miserable.

Although resistance may appear as a strategy that helps the procrastinator. It doesn’t. Ultimately, all it does is to delay, unnecessarily, the completion of a task that must be done.

Procrastination is crafty, and it knows how to get the best of you. Be vigilant and unmask it when it uses one of these three strategies: avoidance, deception, and resistance.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.