3 Questions You Must Answer to Maximize 2015

Maximize 2015

The holiday season is over, and you’re back in your daily routines. Perhaps, you’ve made a few resolutions: eat better, read more, exercise regularly, etc. Your challenge will be to maintain these resolutions now that you’re going back to your day-to-day activities.

If you haven’t taken the time to plan your year yet, it’s not too late. To help you do this, I want to ask you three questions, which I believe will help you not only plan your year, but maximize it.

Who Do You Want to Become this Year?

Personal growth is an essential lifelong commitment. You, like everyone else, need to grow in certain areas of your life. And you should be intentional about working on these areas so that you can become better “version” of you: version 2.0, if you will.

Perhaps, you want to be a better husband or wife. Perhaps you want to become more organized and productive person. Perhaps you want to become better at managing your money. Whatever area requires improvement, make it a priority. Invest in your growth: read empowering books and blogs; get relevant training; seek mentorship from trusted adviser; etc. Do whatever you can to improve yourself.

What Do You Want to Achieve this Year?

This year, as the ones before, will go by fast, and before you know it, you’ll be placing gifts under the Christmas tree once again. You don’t want to waste your time; you want to invest it and accomplish goals that are meaningful to you.

In life, setting inspiring goals is vital. Goals give you a sense of direction. They allow you to set your course and to establish where your resources—your time, energy, talents, money, etc.—are invested.

Whether you use this year wisely or you squander it, it will go by. You might as well maximize it by focusing your energy on goals that add value to your life and that of others.

What Do You Want to Learn this Year?

The world is an abundant place, and there is so much to learn, so much to discover. Which topics are of interest to you?

How about learning a new language? Or maybe, you want to learn how to cook; or how to play the piano; or how to write a novel; or how to design websites; or how to ride a motorcycle; or how to swim; etc.

Committing to lifelong learning is a must. It keeps your mind active and allows you to discover the richness that surrounds us. Get this: in life, you’ll never arrive at a stage where you have nothing else to learn. You might as well, go for it and learn all you can.

This year, commit to becoming a better you, be bold in going after your goals, and never stop learning new skills and discovering new topics.

Happy New Year!