3 Simple Tips to Learn Anything You Want!

Trusted Guide

A few months ago, my daughter began her journey into the world of reading. In less than 90 days, she went from illiteracy to reading full sentences—and even short paragraphs. As the parent who helps her with homework, I’m on the journey with her, and during the past few weeks, I’ve witnessed the process she went through. It was (and still is) fascinating.

As I analyzed her process, I was reminded that we all go through a similar process when we are trying to learn something new: at first, we know nothing, and as we engage in the process of learning, we become more and more knowledgeable.

Our learning journeys aren’t any different than my daughter’s. Based on my observations my daughter’s journey, I want to share 3 quick tips that can help you learn anything you want—faster. Whether you want to learn a new musical instrument, a new language, or how to bake a cake, these tips can make the difference between spinning your wheels and moving forward in strides.

Learning is forever part of our lives, and I encourage you to keep these 3 simple tips in mind as you embark on your learning journeys.

1. Find a Trusted Guide

My daughter has a teacher (a guide, if you will), who has been teaching her how to read. Her teacher has gone through the learning process herself (many years ago), and now guides newbies in their journey.

Finding a trusted guide accelerates your learning journey. You don’t have to waste time trying to figure everything out on your own. Yes, you are the one who must do the learning, but you don’t have to go through the process alone. You can leverage the experience and expertise of someone else: a trusted guide.

Your trusted guide can be somebody you can touch (e.g. someone in your circle), but he or she can also be someone you connect with online. In fact, in this day and age, you can find experts on various topics online, and they can really lay out a map for you to follow and thus significantly shorten your learning curve.

2. Follow the Plan

A good guide knows the steps you must follow to get from point A to B. They have a plan for the journey, and you must follow it. Not following it is counterproductive; you waste time and energy.

My daughter is following her teacher’s plan, and because of it, she gets the results. She first had to learn her ABCs, and then to decode various syllables and memorize selected words, etc. By following the plan, step by step, she is progressing on her journey (faster than if she had no plan guiding her).

The greatest compliment you can give your guide is to follow their guidance.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

Day after day, sitting at the kitchen table, my daughter reads through her vocabulary words, practicing the pronunciation and memorizing their spelling. Then, like a singer going through her singing exercises, she reads sentence after sentence, learning to recognize words and understand bite-size information.

As you can imagine, when she reads a sentence for the first time—in particular, one with new words—she sometimes stumbles and stops: her reading is choppy, and she sometimes misses words. But as she practices, her reading becomes more and more fluent.

You can have the best guide and plan in the world, but you won’t get any results until you do the work. Nothing happens until you do the work. No work, no results. No action, no progress. When you practice, you become better and perform the activity with more ease. Practice does make “improvement”.

Whatever you are trying to learn this year, find a good guide: somebody who can lay out a good plan for you. Once you have that plan, put it to work: practice, practice, and practice! And, when you do that, you’ll learn anything you want—and get extraordinary results.