3 Simple Ways to Become an Asset to Your Team

I consecrated a few of my recent posts to helping leaders (and managers) build themselves and their team. In this post, I want to turn my focus on team members. In fact, team members also participate in setting the workplace’s ambiance and an integral part of the team’s success.

If you’re a member of a team, you can support your leader and your team in many ways. The team’s goals and dynamic aren’t only the leader’s responsibilities; they’re yours as well.

Perform Your Duties With Excellence

As a team member, you’re there to help your team achieve its goals. As such, you’re assigned duties that contribute to your team’s results. The way you fulfill your duties matters; it affects others; it affects your team’s goals; it affects your organization; it affects the bottom line.

Your leader and your teammates rely on you to carry your workload and to perform your duties with excellence. This requires that you take your work to heart: your work meets your team’s standards both in quality and quantity, and you meet your targets on time.

Wasting your time and neglecting your work are selfish; another team member needs to pick up your slack. Don’t become a burden for your team. Do your part, and do it well.

Bring Your Leader Solutions, Not Problems

Finding problems is easy; they’re everywhere. The value is in finding solutions. The person who finds solutions is priceless. You can be that person.

When you find problems—and you will—make sure you have thought of potential solutions (other than saying to your leader, “You fix it!”). If you’re smart enough to see an issue, you’re smart enough to think through potential solutions.

Before you go running into your leader’s office to drop your bomb, make an honest attempt to defuse it yourself.

Help and Encourage Your Teammates

To flourish in a team, you can’t always think “I”; you must learn to think “we”. That is, be a team player. Offer to help when a teammate needs it. And when you can, take on additional responsibilities to alleviate the load of your leader’s shoulders and help the team progress faster.

Your attitude affects the team. A negative attitude places a dark cloud over the team. Even if others in the team exude cynicism and negativity, resolve to remain a source of positivity and encouragement for your teammates. Your positivity can make a difference.

When you perform your duties with excellence, bring your leader solutions, and help your teammates, you become a great asset for your team—and perhaps even irreplaceable.

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Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.