3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated

Team motivation plays an important role in a team’s performance. However, keeping team members motivated is one of the great challenges inherent to leading a team. Among other things, falling into a bland routine, losing track of priorities, and getting consumed by time-wasting activities, are constant threats to the team’s vitality and progress.

When team members lose their zest for work, not only does the organization suffer because its bottom line is impacted, but also the team spirit takes a hit and the work experience of the unmotivated team member is less enriching.

As the leader of the team, your role is to ensure all team members stay motivated, are engaged in the work, and give their best at all times. Here are 3 simple things you can do to keep your team motivated at all times.

1. Hold Regular Meetings

You can cover a lot a ground during meetings—whether you hold individual meetings with a specific team member or group meetings with the entire team.

Meetings are an excellent way for you to keep your ears to the grown and to gauge team’s state. They are also a good opportunity for you to reconnect the team (or the team member) with the priorities and reinforce the message that you’re here to help team members reach their goals.

During those meetings, you should spend lots of time listening. If you listen intently, you’ll find out the activities that light up your team members. Then, you can leverage that information to keep them motivated at work. Plus, you may detect potential issues looming in the horizon and address them before they explode.

2. Encourage Generously

Producing great work is motivating. However, unless you tell your team members how good a work they’re producing, they’ll wonder whether or not you (and the organization) appreciate their work. And a pad on the back, once a year, during their annual performance review, doesn’t cut it.

Be generous with your encouragement. I don’t know anyone who gets tired of receiving genuine encouragement. When they get small wins, celebrate them and make sure they know, without a shadow of a doubt, that their contribution is valuable.

Generous encouragement boosts morale. Working hard and never receiving any sort of encouragement is disheartening. Most people want to be commended for their good work and recognized for their contribution. And as the leader, you signed up to be their cheerleader.

3. Keep Presenting Interesting Challenges

Status quo is boring. To stay motivated, the team must be going somewhere and taking on new challenges.

People are motivated when presented with challenges that push them to step up their game and sharpen their skills (and learn new ones). Team members are motivated when trusted to rise up to the occasion.

Don’t let the team get too comfortable. When team members get too comfortable, they stop growing and the team loses momentum. If you want your team members to stay motivated, keep interesting challenges coming their way.


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Vladimir Elie

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