3 Things That Hinder Your Ability to Execute

Results and execution go together. In fact, execution is the vehicle that leads you to your desired outcome. There are no substitutes for execution. As mention in my previous post, execution is the name of the game.

The importance of execution can’t be overstressed. No execution, no results. Conversely, the more you execute, the faster you reach your destination.

As you seek to execute, watch for these three things that hinder your ability to execute.

1. Unclear Goals

Without a clear goal, your vehicle has nowhere to go: you have nothing to execute. Your goals give purpose to your execution. Sure, without a clear goal, you can be busy, but you won’t make any progress.

If you’re not going anywhere, you don’t need a vehicle. If you have no goal, you don’t need to execute. Until you have clear goals, you have nothing to execute on.

I should mention this. To pursue a goal, you don’t have to be the one who set it. In fact, your goal may be established by your organization or by your supervisor or by your spouse or by whomever. As long as it’s a goal that you endorse and support, you can execute.

2. Lack of Focus

When it’s time to execute, execute: focus on your work. Distractions hinder your execution, and thus they delay your progress.

Some people struggle to execute because they can’t stay focus on their work. As a result, a task that should take them 10 minutes ends up taking them 1 hour.

“Focus” is essential to your execution. If you keep getting distracted or sidetracked, it’ll take forever to reach your goal. Execution demands consistency.

3. Lack of Perseverance

Any time you pursue an important goal, expect it to be hard at times. In these moments, you must continue to take action (execute) and press forward.

Even when you don’t feel like it, even when it’s painful, you must continue to execute.

You’ll never reach your goal if you stop every time the going gets tough. Until you reach your destination, don’t stop your vehicle: keep executing.

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Vladimir Elie

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