3 Things That Subtly Influence Your Attitude

Your attitude follows you wherever you go and affects whatever you do: it affects your relationships, your results, and even your happiness. A negative attitude covers your life with a dark cloud, which causes you to see “darkness” everywhere. Conversely, a positive attitude fills your life with “light.”

You’re the master of your attitude, and as such, you’re responsible for it. At any moment, you can decide to change your attitude. Sure, it takes a work to cultivate an unshakable positive attitude, but it’s within your reach, provided that you commit to it. In a sense, developing a positive attitude is a journey more than a destination.

That said, certain things that subtly impact your attitude, and becoming aware of these can help ensure you maintain the right attitude at all times.

Energy Level

People tend to be less patient and joyous when they’re tired, sick, or for whatever other reason, have low levels of energy. In fact, a lack of energy can make you more susceptible to react negatively to situations you would otherwise see with a positive outlook.

Knowing this, you would be wise to be careful with which type of discussions and interactions you get involved in when you are wiped out. Also, when your energy is low, you should make a conscious effort not to let it drag your attitude down as well.


If you spend your time with negative people, with time, it’ll begin to affect your attitude. In many ways, attitudes are contagious. The influence is subtle, but it’s there, and you should be aware of it.

Of course, the simple rule is: choose your associations wisely. However, you may not always have a choice. When you have to spend more time than you’d like with a negative person, you may need to work extra hard to maintain a positive attitude.

Content Consumption

The music you listen to affects your mood. You know this. There certain types of music that put you in the mood to relax and other types that make you little more aggressive. Mood affects attitude.

The same thing can be said by what you read and watch. In short, the content you consume influences your attitude. Of course, if you consume a lot of negativity, your attitude will suffer. Conversely, consuming inspirational and empowering content, helps you cultivate a positive attitude.

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