3 Things You Must Know About Growth

Life is a journey of growth, and this journey is meant to last a lifetime. Growth is more “journey” than “destination”. In fact, you never really “arrive”.

Growth is one of my core values. I have invested countless hours and “mucho dinero” in my growth. And as I journeyed, I have discovered many important lessons about growth, three of which I share here.

Growth Isn’t Optional

If you’re going to thrive in an ever-changing world, you’ll have to commit to your growth. You stop growing; you become obsolete.

Every time there are technological advances, I see people who, prisoners of their old ways, refuse to taste the new. They close their minds before they’re even investigated the new technologies. Inevitably, these people find themselves having to play catch up when those technologies have established their “authority”.

I’m old enough to remember when personal computers, email, the Internet, mobile devices, and social media started. All faced resistance. But eventually, the resistant, late to the game, had to toil to catch up. Not the best way to grow.

To remain relevant, you must continue to expand your set of skills and sharpen them continually. The world is moving—fast. If you stagnate, you’re left behind.

Of course, this isn’t the only area you must grow. In fact, you must commit to growth in every area of your life: your marriage, in your parenting, your vocation, etc.; you’re only as strong has your weakest link.

Growth Isn’t Automatic

You’re responsible for your personal growth. Thus, you must take ownership of your growth and be intentional about it.

You might be fortunate to be in an environment that promotes your growth. For example, you might work for a progressive organization that presents you with a never-ending stream of challenging opportunities that push you to grow. That’s great. However, it must be clear that your growth is up to you; being in a great environment is a plus, but it doesn’t relieve you from the responsibility to ensure that you never stop growing.

Growth demands intentionality and planning. You must be intentional about putting yourself in situations that push you to grow. For instance, when you pursue a challenging goal, the pursuit pushes you to grow. In fact, who we become in the process of pursuing the goal is just as important—if not—more important than reaching the goal itself. In fact, even if you don’t achieve the goal, you can still savor the growth benefits you’ve acquired in the process.

Growth Isn’t Comfortable

Like building muscle, you grow most when it begins to hurt. Turns out, most don’t like it when it hurts. Hence, sometimes, we settle for comfort, and this stunts our growth.

Activities such as seating in front of the TV or mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook feed, are comfortable, but are they helping you grow? Analyze your activities and you may realize that you’re missing opportunities for greater growth.

Complacency is comfortable, but growth is preferable. But to grow, you must be willing to stretch beyond your comfort zone: you must seek new experiences, take risks, pursue bigger and greater goals, choose to contribute more, work on your mindsets and habits, commit to becoming the best “you” you can be.

Your journey of growth hasn’t ended. In fact, it has just begun. As mentioned, you have many experiences to make, lessons to learn, skills to develop, mindsets to cultivate, habits to develop, etc. The land before you is broad and rich; you’ll spend your life exploring it.