3 Tips to Help You Refocus Your Life

You toil, yet you have nothing to show for all this sweat.

You’re overwhelmed by the demands of life and can’t seem to find a way out.

You’re busy like New York City during rush hour, but you feel stuck in the traffic of your life. Stop. It’s time to refocus.

Here are 3 tips to help you refocus your life.

    1. Keep Track. 24 hours per day, that’s all you have. Whether you’re a billionaire or a bum, that’s all you get. Believe it or not, that’s all you need. You simply have to learn how to use your time more wisely. How are you currently using your minutes? Are you doing things that help you move forward? Or are you wasting time in trivial activities.What did you do today? Yesterday? Last week? Take an inventory of how you use your time. One simple way to do this is to keep a record of all your activities. Do that for a week. This will help you have a clearer picture of how you use your time.
    2. Keep it Simple. Once you have recorded your activities, decide which are the most important to you. Discontinue the rest (of course, you should keep necessary routine activities, such as bathing and teeth brushing).Chasing too many rabbits at the same time can leave you breathless and empty-handed. Simplify your life by removing all extraneous activities. Be ruthless. You’ll start breathing better.
    3. Focus on the Important. Removing extraneous activities is only half of the equation. The other half is: focusing your attention on your important, high-payoff activities.You should make a conscious and conscientious effort to focus on the important activities, as there are so many distractions and interruptions – phone ringing, cell phone vibrating, email notifications popping up, etc. Like a basketball player at the free-throw line, you need to zoom in on what’s important and ignore the distractions in the background.

Question: What do you do when you feel that your life is out of focus? You can leave a comment below.