3 Truths You Must Know About Procrastination (If You Want to Overcome It)

If you wish to overcome procrastination, you must know these 3 truths about it. Procrastination has done enough damage in your life. It’s time that you take the bull by the horns and start dealing with it.

Procrastination Is Complex

Procrastination is like the flu. There are many strains, and you can’t possibly be immunized from all those strains. Thus, even when you take the flu shot, you can still contact the virus.

I wish I could tell you there’s a panacea that can cure you of all the ways procrastination manifest itself. I can’t; there are none.

Procrastination is complex: it has various sources and causes and manifests in different ways. We don’t all procrastinate on the same things and in the same way and for the same reasons. This makes it hard to provide a one-size-fits-all strategy to overcome it.

To overcome it in your life, you must take the time to study how it manifests in your life. And once you identify your patterns and your areas of weaknesses, you’re in a better position to fight back.

In fact, when you know the activities you’re most likely to postpone and the activities that are most likely to distract you from your main tasks, you can begin to free yourself from procrastination’s grip on you.

Procrastination Is Costly

I know this because, over the years, it has sent me many invoices—some of which I’m still paying interest on.

For instance, I can never recuperate the years of study it as “stolen” from me. Although I managed my way through school, I know that procrastination cost me many A+ marks. Without a doubt, I could have done way better in school had it not be for my love relationship with procrastination.

More problematic than my school years was entering the job market with a track record of procrastination; not good. A school report card won’t tell you who is a procrastinator and who isn’t.

However, because the work ethic of both groups is very different, it’s not hard to see in the workplace. The procrastinator has bad work habits, which affect their performance. Needless to say how costly this can be.

You pay a hefty price when you let procrastination run loose in your life.

Procrastination will cost you your dreams. It will cost you your potential. While you’re distracted by procrastination, opportunities will pass you by. Because of procrastination, your results will be far beneath what they should be or could be.

Knowing how costly procrastination can be should motivate you to do all you can to overcome it. Motivation is indispensable in the fight against procrastination.

Procrastination Is Tenacious

Like a pit bull that has locked its jaw on a piece of meat, procrastination doesn’t let go easily. If you’ve been struggling with this, you know this to be true.

The truth is you may struggle with it for the rest of your life, like a former alcoholic who, to prevent relapses, has to keep their guard up against the bottle for the rest of their life.

Surely, procrastination will continue to chase you down, and you’ll have to keep putting it in its place—if you don’t want it to sabotage your life. Never let your guard down; it will take any opportunity it gets to bite you. And once it does, it refuses to let go.

Be relentless in your pursuit of living procrastination-free. When you feel that it’s hard, remember that’s the way it’s supposed to be. It’s a fight. But you can win.

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Vladimir Elie

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