4 Characteristics Your Actions Must Possess to Lead You to Remarkable Results—Fast

To reach your ambitious goal and achieve remarkable results, you must take action. That’s a given. Taking action is like jumping in your car and driving to your destination. Without setting yourself in motion, you’ll never reach your destination, however grandiose it may be. You’ll dream about it, talk about it, but you won’t reach it. You must take action.

However, you must understand that all action isn’t equal. Activity doesn’t always translate to productivity. Your actions must meet specific characteristics if they are to lead you to remarkable results

1. Targeted

To produce your desired result, your actions must be linked that result. Your actions must match your ambitions. Specific actions lead to predetermined outcomes.

For example, you can’t set the ambitious goal of losing 50 lbs in a year and simply register for a once-a-week stretching class. It’s not that stretching isn’t good; it’s just that it won’t lead your goal. To reach your goal, you’ll need a better plan.

Taking targeted action implies that you take time to research and plan your journey to ensure that your actions will lead you to your destination and nowhere else.

2. Immediate

Procrastination is the enemy of action and by the same token, the enemy of results. If you keep delaying the time you take action, you’ll never achieve anything. The sooner you take action, the sooner you can reach your target.

You’ve waited long enough. You must take immediate action and begin your journey now—even if only conducting research and planning your journey. Break inertia and take steps forward.

3. Massive

To reach a great goal, you must take action and lots of it. Remarkable results require massive action. You must tackle your goal with enthusiasm and take big bites at it. You can’t put a weak hand to the plow and think you’re going to get anything significant done.

Once you’ve decided to pursue an ambitious goal, you must throw your full weight against; that is, if you want to accomplish it fast.

4. Consistent

You can’t take action once in a blue moon and expect to achieve anything significant soon. Consistency is essential. That means you don’t only take action when you feel like it. Rain or shine, you show up and do the work.

When the going gets tough, you don’t stop; you buckle up and press forward. To achieve remarkable results, you must show great resolve. The race is won by those who endure.

As you pursue ambitious goals and remarkable results, make sure your actions are targeted, immediate, massive, and consistent. And if they are, you’ll become unstoppable.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.