4 Qualities That Will Make You A Great Team Member

If you work in a team and are reading this, you’re most likely someone who takes their work at heart and wants to excel in their chosen field. I commend you for your commitment to your growth.

You play a vital role in the team’s success. One bad team member can really hamper the team’s progress and compromise its success. But when you grow and become a better team member, the team—and the whole organization—reaps the benefits of your efforts.

To become a great team member, you must show great qualities. In particular, you need to ensure you display the following 4 qualities.

1. Dependability

Can the team count on you to show up and carry out your part of the workload? Can it count on you to meet your targets on time? If so, you’re a dependable team member: your team can depend on you to do what must get done to achieve the desired results.

Your supervisor and colleagues don’t have to wonder whether you’re going to show up or whether you’re going to feel like producing any work today.

When it’s time to work, you work. For you to perform, you don’t need your supervisor (or manager) to look over your shoulder. You don’t surreptitiously do non-work-related activities. You can be trusted to work independently and perform your duties with excellence.

2. Sensitivity

Working in a team demands that members show empathy for one another. A great team member is sensitive to and respectful of others’ views and needs.

To be a great team member demands that you become a source of positivity for the team. No one should dread having to deal with you. All the contrary, they should look forward to collaborating with you because they know that you listen and consider with care the information they share.

3. Teachability

No matter how good you get in your chosen field, you’ll always have new things to learn. Becoming a great team member requires that you always keep an open mind and never stop sharpening your skill to better at what you do.

You’re teachable when you recognize that you don’t know everything and that you still have things to learn and skills to sharpen. You ask pertinent, inquisitive questions to increase your knowledge of people, the organization, and your work. You seek help from other experts in your organization.

When you adopt this mindset, you place yourself in the best position to become a great team member.4. Flexibility

4. Flexibility

When pursuing great goals, unforeseen situations are bound to arise. These situations demand that the team adjusts. In fact, the team’s ability to adjust ultimately determines the team’s success. The ebb and flow of life in a team require that you be flexible enough to embrace positive change and help the team reach its destination, in spite of challenges and obstacles.

For example, when the team needs someone to tackle an immediate and punctual task that goes beyond the scope of your job description, you gladly volunteer to lend a helping hand.

To become a great team member, you must be dependable, sensitive to others, teachable, and flexible. Anyone with those qualities becomes a precious asset to their team.

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Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.