4 Reasons You Fail to Increase Your Productivity

You can become more productive. But to increase your productivity, you must take charge of your biggest obstacle: yourself. Most of increasing your productivity

A good part of increasing your productivity is learning to master yourself. Many things can hinder your productivity; the biggest one is you. In particular, there are 4 reasons why you might be failing to increase your productivity. Any of these can significantly tank your productivity.

You Have No Direction

Productivity is more than just being busy. It’s more than random activity. Productivity is directed activity.

This is an important point: Activity doesn’t always translate into productivity. In fact, you can be running from morning to night and be utterly unproductive. Your activity becomes productivity when it propels you towards your goals: when it produces your desired outcome (result).

Your activity becomes productivity when it propels you towards your goals: when it produces your desired outcome (result). Your goals give meaning to your activity.

When you have no direction, your activity has no direction. Thus, you have movement but no progress.

Make sure your activity has direction by establishing clear goals for yourself.

You Take No Action

To be productive, you must take action. If you have a clear direction, but never take action, you won’t get very far.

Productivity means doing work: you have to get off the couch, so to speak, and do the work.

Procrastination is perhaps the greatest hindrance to your productivity. You know where you want to go (your direction), but you fail to take action to get there. Because of this, you’re unproductive.

Taking action is your antidote. Productivity is in “doing”. Nothing replaces doing the work.

You Have No Concentration

If every time you start working on something, you allow yourself to get distracted, you won’t accomplish very much.

Likewise, you sabotage your productivity when you try to tackle too many things at once. A lack a focus hinders your productivity.

To increase your productivity, you must focus your efforts on your most important goals. Many distractions will seek to seduce you and make you lose your way. Your ability to resist them and stay focus on what matters most determines your level of productivity.

You Have No Dedication

Productivity is measured by what you finish more than by what you start. Productivity means getting things done. Turns out that getting things done isn’t always easy. In fact, you often face challenges and setbacks. Without a strong commitment, you can be pushed to abandon ship when the going gets tough.

You can’t stop your projects and tasks midstream and expect to be productive. To be productive, you must finish what you start, and this demands that you persevere until you reach the finish line.

As I said, you can become more productive. It’s attainable. Perhaps necessary. But to do so, you must set clear goals (i.e. have a direction), take massive action (i.e. stop procrastinating), stay focus (i.e. avoid distractions), and persevere until you get it done.

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