4 Simple (but Indispensable) Ingredients to Build Something Great

You’re a builder; you’re building your life and making an impact on the world. Whatever you’re building, you aspire to build it well.

Whether you’re building a house, a business, a career, a marriage, or whatever else, there are some ingredients that are indispensable to your success. I share 4 of these here.


This is really the foundational piece of your “building”. If you want to build high, you must start with a strong commitment. That is, you must make the firm decision that you’re going to start and complete your project. If you believe in your undertaking, you must dedicate yourself to the work.

The process of building something great is hard. And, at times, you’ll feel like giving up and abandoning the “building” half-done and let the unfinished work rest as a vestige of your good intentions. But to put the final brick to your project, you must show great resolved. You must be committed.


Nothing happens until you do the heavy lifting. You can have the loftiness ideas, but they will remain intangible until you do the work. To build high, you must work hard.

Take the time to plan your actions steps and then take action. “Action” is where all the good stuff happens. It’s where your ideas come to life. It’s not what you desire to build that matters most; it’s what you work to build. Don’t talk a big game; “work” a big game.


Rarely has anything great been accomplished solo.

Great achievements are usually a team effort: many people coming together to materialize a great vision. Thus, to build what you seek to build, you’ll need the contribution of others. In fact, you’ll need their skills, their expertise, and their perceptive.

Your success will depend on your ability to collaborate effectively with the various players involved in your project.


As you progress on your project, take the time to celebrate and recognize your wins. From time to time, it’s good practice to look back at the distance you’ve traveled and to be grateful for your progress. Acknowledge the contribution of others and let them know that you appreciate their work.

You may be one who doesn’t need a lot of celebration to remain motivated. However, remember that you’re not the only person involved in the project and that some of your team players may need a little pat on the back from time to time.

Of course, when you complete your journey, it’s appropriate to stop for a moment and shout and dance in celebration of your success.

These are 4 simple but indispensable ingredients you need if you’re going to build something great. Before you start building, make sure you’re committed to your project. If you are, put your hand to the plow and do the work, leveraging the contribution of other committed and capable team players. And along the way, take the time to celebrate your wins. With that, not only will you build something great, you’ll have a blast.