4 Simple Steps to Get Much More Done

To a great extent, getting more things done rests on following a systematic process. You waste precious time, when you’re all over the place and when you try to figure out what to do next.

Turns out, you don’t have time to waste; you have great work to do, and you must do it effectively.

Following a simple process can significantly improve your productivity.

Below, I share 4 simple steps you can use to get much more done. You can use that simple process to achieve your goals. Each step is fairly straightforward; you don’t have to make your process complicated for it to be effective. You just have to follow it.

1. Plan

Your plan is a list of all the tasks you must perform to achieve your goals (e.g. all the tasks associated with finishing your project, preparing your next training session, finalizing a report, etc.).

In addition to the list, your plan ascribes deadlines to the various tasks. Thus, your plan has a list of tasks with their associated deadlines.

2. Prioritize

Once you have your plan, you must prioritize your tasks. Prioritization determines which tasks you tackle first, which you tackle second, and so on.

The deadline associated with each task should help you prioritize your tasks. However, you don’t have to give a higher level of priority to a task simply because it has a closer deadline.

The deadline is only one factor you should consider when establishing a task priority. You should also consider the task’s length and degree of difficulty. You may want to tackle more complicated tasks first to give yourself more time to adjust, should something go wrong.

3. Produce

Once you’ve established your priorities, you should put your efforts into completing them. In other words, it’s time to produce; it’s time to take action. This is when you achieve your goal: when you take action. No action, no result. Planning and prioritization aren’t enough. You must move to production if you want to

Planning and prioritization aren’t enough. To achieve your goals, you must move to production.

When you’re producing, you must focus on the task at hand and avoid letting yourself get slowed down by distractions.

4. Partner

You have many tasks to complete to achieve your goals. However, you don’t have to be the one handling all these tasks; other people can provide a helping hand. In fact, you can partner with others to accelerate your journey toward your goals.

Partnering is one of the ways to get much more done. Learn to leverage the experience and expertise of others.

To get much more done, you can follow this simple 4 steps process: plan your work, prioritize your tasks, produce results, partner with competent people.

Whatever your goals, make sure you allocate time to plan and prioritize your activities as well as time to get your work done (i.e. production time) and to find the right partners to help you along the way.



About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.