4 Things You Must Give Your Team to Help it Succeed

As a leader, you’re responsible for the team’s performance and results. As such, you must provide your team with the things it needs to succeed.

1. Targets

If you want to ensure your team uses its resources productively, you must give clear targets to your team members. Left to their own devices, your team members will pursue their own goals, which may or may not match with yours. To avoid any confusion, you must establish clear priorities and communicate them to your team.

Clear goals indicate to your team members on which activities they should put their efforts. And as the leader, you want to make sure the team never loses sight of those goals. It means that you must recast your vision regularly, monitor your team’s progress, and course correct when needed.

2. Training

Even with the best intentions, your team will struggle to perform without proper training. It’s your responsibility to ensure your team members get the training they need to tackle the tasks related to their work. It requires that you assess your team’s training needs and find the appropriate courses.

You may train some of the sessions yourself or have more experienced team members teach other members or rely on external trainers. Whatever the format, the training should prepare your team members to fulfill their duties effectively.

3. Tools

Along with training, your team members need proper tools to perform their work effectively. Ineffective tools can significantly impede their ability to produce results. In turn, this can paralyze your operations and jeopardize your goals. You can’t ask your team to build a shack without a hammer.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your team’s tools. Invest in your team’s tools. As a general rule, get the best tools you can within your budget.

4. Time

Your team members need your time. They need you. You can’t merely cast your vision and then disappear until your team members are ready to “deliver the goods.”

Your team members need to feel your presence. They need your advice. They need your encouragement. They need your guidance. They need your laughter. They need your feedback.

You must be present in the life of your team.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.