4 Tips to Help You Discover Your True Talents

God blessed you with many talents, some of which have the potential to make you world-class in a specific field. But if you are unaware that you have these talents, your results in life will likely suffer. Your talents are your “tools” for service, and to serve effectively, your must be aware of the tools in your toolbox.

Maybe your talents lay dormant inside of you because you’re yet to be placed in the right environment to express them. Maybe they have been stifled by education or by well-meaning conformists, at a time when you were still too young to defend and protect yourself. Maybe you’ve experienced traumas that drove you to bury them into the ground of your pain.

Regardless of your reason for being oblivious of your God-given talents, you must realize that it’s your responsibility to discover and use them to serve others and make a positive difference in the world. Never stop seeking to discover (or rediscover) your talents—those things that come to you as naturally as flying comes to the bird or swimming to the fish—and to work diligently at sharpening them, so that you can serve others better and make a greater contribution to humankind.

The following 4 tips can help you discover your true talents.

Tip 1: Explore

One of the ways you can discover your talents is to engage in various activities and see which ones come to you naturally. As you explore, you may discover that music or writing or accounting or dancing come easy to you, and this might be the spark that propels you into a whole new world. break your routine and try something new; you might discover talents you never realized were there.

Tip 2: Eliminate

You are not good at everything, and not everything lights you up. This is actually a good thing; it means you can eliminate all the areas you already know you’re terrible at and that don’t resonate with your soul and focus your efforts on other ones. If you know that you’re not musically inclined, no need to spend time trying various musical instruments. You’d be better off exploring other areas, such as accounting or writing.

Tip 3: Enquire

Sometimes, others see talents and abilities in us we don’t. We are so close to “it” that we fail to see the obvious. Ask trusted friends, family members, teachers, coaches, or advisors what are the talents they see in you. This may help you gain insight into some of the talents that are staring you in the face but that you might have been disregarding.

Tip 4: Examine

My final tip for you is: use personality tests. They can help you find out what makes you tick at the core and shed light on your areas of strength as well as the areas where you would flourish the most. The test can guide you in your self-examination journey and help you see your natural abilities more clearly.

Marry these 4 tips with a good dose of prayer and meditation and you’re well on your way to discovering your talents. I believe you have a great contribution to make, and that when you discover your talents and back them up with diligent work, you can begin to serve at a greater level.

Questions: Do you know the “tools” you have in your toolbox to make a difference in the world? Have you really been using your God-given talents to their full potential?