4 Truths You Must Know About Habits

Habits play an important role in our lives. We’re creatures of habits. Good habits help us; bad ones hinder us. And part of our responsibility—if we’re to achieve great results—is to master our habits.

To be effective in mastering your habits, you must understand these 4 truths about habits.

1. Habits are Learned Behaviors

You weren’t born with habits. You were born a baby, and you picked up habits along the way, some good, some bad.

Your habits are learned behaviors. And there lies a good news. If you were able to learn our old habits, then you can to learn new ones. Thus, you can change your habits—provided that you are ready to do what it takes.

2. Habits are Repeated Behaviors

This may sound obvious, but it’s important to be aware of this: Habits are repeated behaviors. It’s important to be aware of this simple truth because this means that, little by little, habits are leading you to a predetermined destination. You may not see the consequences of your actions now, but with time, habits yield their fruit and you have to eat that fruit.

Therefore, you must be mindful of the habits you allow to persist in your life, knowing that eventually, you’ll have to eat the fruit they produce in your life.

3. Habits are Automatic Behaviors

Habits are automatic behaviors, and thus, they can often fly under the radar. You must be intentional about bringing them to light and decide which should stay and which should go.

If you don’t open your eye, so to speak, you’ll have a slew of habits leading you to undesired destinations and, by the time you realize it, it’ll be too late for you to reverse the consequences.

Put your repeated behaviors (things you do regularly) on trial. And determine if they are taking your life in the direction you want. If not, commit to eliminating them from your life.

4. Habits are Resistant Behaviors

This is particularly important when dealing with bad habits. Bad habits can be hard to break. Once established, they don’t leave without a fight.

If you want to break your bad habits, you’ll need to be relentless and show great resolve. Sometimes, you’ll feel like you’re making 2 steps forward and 1 step back. But you must press forth and refuse to be deterred.

You don’t have any other option. Your bad habits must be broken. You can’t give up. If you give up, what will be the result? You have to continue the fight until you win. You either win, or you die trying. That’s the mindset you need to win against such resistance.

Habits are learned behaviors. They are repeated behaviors. They are automatic behaviors. And they are resistant behaviors. Understanding these 4 truths about habits will help master your habits.