5 Benefits of Pursuing Great Goals

If you’re going to set goals for yourself, why not make some of them great goals? You can do far more than you think. You can achieve so much; you have so much potential, and you can use that potential to do great work in the world.

It’s your moment. It’s your time. You have a massive contribution to make. However, you can’t sell yourself short by pursuing “safe” goals that are far beneath your potential. Demand a little more from yourself and attempt great things.

Pursuing great goals is beneficial, and here’s why.

Great Goals Motivate You

Great goals are inspiring. They energize you and light up a fire in your heart. They motivate you, and the thought of achieving them sets you in motion. They have the power to propel you forward.

When a great goal takes over you, it invades your sleep and controls your awake hours. It compels you to avoid time-wasters, leaving aside all distractions and focusing your time, attention, and energy on the journey before you.

Great Goals Push You to Grow

The journey toward a great goal is transformative: the person in the mirror at the end the journey isn’t the same as the person who started the journey. When you pursue a great goal, you go through what novelist call the hero’s journey: you are thrust on a journey, where you meet challenges, experience setbacks, meet enemies who threaten to take you out; but in the end, you come out victorious, a better, improved version of you.

Great Goals Test What You’re Made Of

No great goal will give you a free pass. If you want to reach the finish line, you must pay the price. Yes, there’s a price for achieving great goals. You must pay your dues.

Through the ups and downs, through the mountains and the valleys, through opposition and resistance, you must stay the course: persevere and show what you’re made of. Great goals demand great grit.

Great Goals Tap Into Your Creativity and Resourcefulness

Great goals reveal to you a level of creativity and resourcefulness you sometimes don’t realize is in you. They present you with interesting challenges that force you to think outside the box. The challenges you face along the journey are opportunities for you to exercise your creativity muscle. Had it not been for the obstacles that stood in your way, you would have never know how resourceful you are.

When you pursue a great goal, you rarely have all the resources and support you need. Hence, you must tap into your creativity and show great resourcefulness. How resourceful you are is more important than how much resources you have. Resources may fizzle but resourcefulness figures out a way.

Great Goals Make a Great Impact

Great goals are meaningful goals. They seek to do good in the world. They give you an opportunity to make a big difference in your life and that of others—at least a greater impact than if you had played it safe and remained in your comfort zone. You pursue great goals to affect positive change in your life and that of others.

Great goals may sometimes be intimidating, but the benefits are all the more rich and enriching. Great goals motivate you, push you to grow, test what you are made off, tap into your creativity and resourcefulness, and make a great impact in the world.