5 Disciplines of People Who Achieve Great Results

If you look at the people you admire for their achievements, you’ll realize that one thing they have in common is that they show great discipline in their chosen field.

Discipline is a key to achieving great results in your life. Great results demand great discipline. But what must discipline be exercised on? There are 5 disciplines that people who achieve great results focus on, and these 5 disciplines are accessible to you.

1. They Establish Clear TARGETS

People who achieve great results know what they want. They establish clear targets and go after them with gusto. They are not scattered, running aimlessly in all directions. They set their sail in a direction and persevere until they reach their destination. And when they do, they don’t remain stuck in their comfort zone; they set new, greater targets.

Part of achieving great results is deciding which goals you’re going to pursue. And to achieve great results, you must establish great goals. Great goals require that you step outside of your comfort zone.

Don’t underestimate what you’re capable of. Establish targets that push you to stretch, targets that push you to grow. Never stop attempting bigger and greater goals.

2. They Maximize Their TIME

People who achieve great results have learned to maximize their time. They know which activities should fill their schedule, and they remove any activity that drives them away from the results they seek and minimize the ones that have little impact on their desired outcome.

To achieve great goals, you must master your time and make sure that you’re investing it on important activities, not wasting it on trivialities.

3. They Complete Their TASKS

People who achieve great results don’t leave their cake half-baked: they strive to complete what they start. They understand the importance of shipping the goods. Not that they complete every single thing they start, but they complete far more than people who wallow in mediocrity.

When it’s time to get a task done, they stick to it until they drive it home. They don’t give in to procrastination and don’t allow distractions take them off course. They focus and get it done.

If you want to achieve great results, you must get into the habit of completing what you start. You can’t leave everything half-done and expect you’re going to achieve anything great. As they do in baseball, drive your tasks home; that’s when you score.

4. They Control Their TONGUE

People who achieve great results are disciplined with their word. I don’t mean that they have mastered language or that they have great rhetorical skills or that they have a rich vocabulary or that they are eloquent. I mean that they keep their commitments: their word. When they say they’re going to do something, they do it. Their “yea” is “yea” and their “nay” is “nay”. Thus, before they commit to something, they make sure they’re capable of delivering on their promises.

If you want to achieve great results, you must discipline your tongue and honor your commitments (to others and to yourself).

5. They Master Their THOUGHTS

People who achieve great results master their thought life: their mindset. They don’t allow their thoughts to go wild. They refuse to let negative thoughts take over them; they know that, if left if neglected, negative thoughts like weeds will pollute their mind and, ultimately, sabotage their efforts to achieving great results.

Your thoughts are powerful, and your thought life is extremely important to your results. In fact, your life is, to a great extent, a reflection of your thought life. If you don’t deal with your negative thoughts, they will, sooner or later, hinder your results. And if you reach your pinnacle, you won’t be able to sustain for very long. Like a garden, cultivate positive thoughts in the field of your mind.

Discipline yourself by establishing clear targets, maximizing your time, completing your tasks, controlling your tongue, and mastering your thoughts; and you’ll see your results skyrocket to unprecedented heights.