5 Types of Goals You Must Set for a Remarkable Life – Part 3

If you’re going to set goals for yourself, you might as well make them meaningful. All goals aren’t equal, and in this series, I cover five types of goals I believe can help you build a remarkable life.

In the first two posts of this series, we examined contribution goals and reputation goals. Contribution goals aim to define the ways you serve others and add value to the world. Reputation goals (or character goals) aim to help you become the person you desire to be.

The third type of goals you can set for yourself is education goals. Education goals are often in support of contribution goals and reputation goals. They point to what you want to learn. Whereas contribution goals focus on “what you want to do” and reputation goals on “who you want to be,” education goals focus on “what you want to know.”

In an ever-changing world, committing to lifelong learning is a must. And education goals serve that purpose. Continuous education keeps your mind active and allows you to expand your knowledge and skillset. If you stop learning, you’re left behind.

Today, information is readily available. With a little effort, you can learn pretty much whatever you want at a very affordable price. Therefore, you have no excuse not to increase your knowledge on topics relevant to you.

Humans are learning “machines,” and by setting learning goals, you ensure you remain efficient. Get this. In life, you’ll never arrive at a stage where you have nothing else to learn. You might as well, go for it and learn all you can.

Which topics are of interest to you? How about learning a new language? Or maybe, you want to learn how to cook, or how to play the piano, or how to write a novel, or how to design websites, or how to ride a motorcycle, or how to swim, etc. There are many interesting topics to explore and learn and even master.

As you set goals for yourself, don’t neglect this critical dimension of the human experience: learning.

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Vladimir Elie

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