5 Types of Goals You Must Set for a Remarkable Life – Part 5

In this series, we have examined five types of goals that, when you set, will contribute to making your life remarkable. More specifically, we’ve discussed:

  • contribution goals, which define how you want to serve people and make a difference in the world
  • reputation goals, which point to character traits you want to develop and be known for
  • education goals, which focus on ways you want to expand your knowledge and skill-set
  • exploration goals, which lead you to make new, enriching experiences

The fifth type of goals I want to cover in this series is acquisition goals (also called possession goals). These goals point to the things you aspire to own. I put this type of goal last on the list because too many people give priority to this type of goals when in fact the other types of goals are more important; you’re much more than what you possess.

However, there’s nothing wrong with setting goals for things you want to own, as long as the “thing” doesn’t own you. You must possess the things you own, not the other way around: they shouldn’t possess you.

You’re most likely already very familiar with this type of goals. As a general rule—and this goes without say—when you set goals for yourself, make sure that your motives are pure: don’t be motivated by vanity. There’s a place for you to set goals concerning the things you want to acquire.

Are there things that you would like to own (i.e., things that would improve your life or that of your loved ones)? Perhaps you need a bigger home to accommodate the needs of a growing family. Perhaps you need to change your beat up car for a better one. Perhaps you need to change your tools so that you can become more efficient in your work. Whatever you need to support yourself and your loved ones can become an acquisition goal.

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Vladimir Elie

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