5 Types of Goals You Want to Set for a Remarkable Life – Part 4

The world is an abundant place. There’s always more to learn and to discover. In my previous post, I stressed the importance of setting education goals for yourself. These goals aim to help you expand your knowledge and your skillset.

Education goals help you grow (just as reputation goals and contribution goals, which we cover in previous posts, do). The fourth type of goals I want to present in this series also helps you to grow but in a different way. This type of goal, I call exploration goals.

Exploration goals are closely related to education goals; experience is a brilliant teacher. However, whereas education goals help you grow through study, exploration goals help you grow through experience. These goals answer the question: What do you want to experience?

What parts of the world would you like to visit? What cultures would you like to explore? Any time, you keep an open mind and immerse yourself in a new culture, you come out changed from the experience.

Do you want to ride on the back of dolphins, visit the pyramids, fly in a helicopter, or do scuba diving? What experiences would you like to make in your life? Set these as goals.

Many people remain locked in their routine and avoid exposing themselves to new experiences. There’s no reason for you to stay stuck in your bland routine. The world is filled with an infinite number of experiences you can make. New experiences will enrich your life, and you should be intentional about making these experiences.

The most enriching experiences push you outside of your comfort zone, challenge your biases, expose you to new ways of seeing and understanding yourself, other people, and the world, and help you foster deeper relationships, and contribute to injecting moments of joy into your life. Thus, they cause you to grow tremendously.

Exploration goals are a vital part of a remarkable life.

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Vladimir Elie

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