6 Myths About Achievers That May Be Holding You Back – Part 2

Some believe that achievers reach exceptional heights at the expense of others. They think that, if someone is achieving great results in an area, they must have taken something away from someone else; they can’t possibly have reached such level without pulling someone down on their way up.

This is a myth, which is rooted in a scarcity mindset—as if one’s success has to necessarily be detrimental to someone else.

The depiction of the business tycoon who erected his business over the bones of all the poor souls he crushed on his way to the top is a caricature. It’s certainly what I have in mind when I talk about someone who is achieving great results.

Like everything in life, there are always people who use and abuse others to reach their end. But making that a prerequisite to achieving great results is a myth, which you must avoid.

You don’t have to crush or cheat others to achieve great results. You can achieve extraordinary results in your chosen field while maintaining your integrity. You don’t have to bribe anyone or otherwise compromise your character to get remarkable results. I believe that strong values, such as integrity and honesty, are essential to obtaining great results in life—at least if we desire that the fruit of your labor lasts.

You don’t have to sell your soul in exchange for a shot at greatness. You’re already great, divinely designed. You can express that greatness and achieve great results while staying true yourself.

Furthermore, you can achieve success while helping many people up at the same time. You can achieve great results while serving and benefiting others. You can ascend to the pinnacles of your chosen field while adding great value to the lives of others. In fact, I believe that service is the key to greatness. And a servant’s heart should certainly be at the core of your drive to achieve great results.

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Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.