6 Myths About Achievers That May Be Holding You Back – Part 3

You have a great contribution to make. And if you’re reading this, I believe you realize it. It’s essential that you don’t buy into the myths surrounding people who achieve great results and impact on others.

In this series, I’ve touched on various myths you must avoid. So far we’ve covered the myth that:

The next myth I want to touch on is that achievers are young people, as in great results are for people below a certain age. Of course, this is a lie.

Sometimes, this limiting belief is held by older people who use it to justify their own lack of drive. They believe that young people because they’re still full of energy, are the ones that can achieve great results in life. The old, deprived of such zest and gusto, have to settle for mediocre or, at best, average results.

Young or old, don’t let your age (or anything else for that matter) limit your results. No matter your age you can continue to produce great work and achieve great results in your life. Achieving great results isn’t about engaging in busy activity but in strategic thinking and focused action, and this isn’t the monopoly of the young.

With age comes experience. Great result achievers leverage their experience to help them achieve greater results and impact others. And certainly, old people can do that.

It’s well-known that Colonel Sanders founded his first Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) franchise in his sixties. Likewise, Ray Kroc joined McDonald’s in his fifties and subsequently turned the restaurant into the most successful fast-food chain of restaurants in the world.

The stories of older people who produced great work are too numerous to believe that great results are reserved for young people.

I worked with an older lady who, although very close to her retirement, was still extremely efficient and productive in her work. And although her legs weren’t as strong as they once were, in the workplace, she could give any young person a run for their money. She was just that effective.

Get this. You’re not too old (nor too young for that matter) to do great things in the world and achieve remarkable results.

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Vladimir Elie

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