6 Myths About Achievers That May Be Holding You Back – Part 5

If you study people who achieve great results, you’ll realize that they are regular people—flesh and blood. Like you and I, they were born of a woman. They have strengths and weaknesses, and they face challenges and suffer setbacks, like everyone else. That is to say that they were not born with superpowers that make success a foregone conclusion.

It’s a myth to think that great results achievers are born—as if great results were reserved for a select few, chosen from birth. When seeing someone getting amazing results, it’s tempting to believe that there’s a special ingredient in their genetic constitution that predisposes them to achieve great results.

Great results achievers come in all “shapes and shades”. Their personality is different. Their cultural background is different. Their schooling is different: some drop out of school while others earn their Ph.D. There’s too much variety to limit great results to a personality type or special gene.

However, what they have in common is what I call great results mindsets, People who achieve great results think and behave differently. For instance, achievers show great resolve, especially when facing challenges. When facing obstacles, they muster all the courage they can gather and press forward. They have the mental fortitude to gear into action, whether they feel like it or not.

We’re all born with our strengths and our weaknesses, and we get to decide what we do with them. Great results achievers play to their strengths—and learn how to compensate for their weaknesses (e.g. by partnering with people who alleviate some of their weaknesses). They learn to work with what they have so they can get the results they want.

You have talents, and you must learn to maximize them; talent alone isn’t a guarantee of great results. I’m sure you know talented people who never did anything with their talents, and are now living far beneath their potential. Conversely, you’ve also witnessed people who didn’t seem to be talented in an area, but through commitment, passion, dedication, and hard work have overcome their apparent lack of talent and risen up to the top of their field.

There’s greatness in all of us, and it’s our privilege and responsibility to discover, develop and deploy this greatness for the benefit of the world and our own fulfillment.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.