6 Myths About Achievers That May Be Holding You Back – Part 6

In this series, I’ve been dealing with myths surrounding people who achieve great results. Any of these myths can significantly compromise your ability to produce the results you, deep down, want in your life. Successively, I covered the myth that:

The last myth I want to cover in this series should go without saying. However, we live in a generation that, too often, equates success to money, as in you’re successful when you become a millionaire—otherwise, tough luck, your results are bound to remain substandard.

The myth is this: great results achievers are rich—as if achieving great results was dependent on the size one’s bank account. Of course, this isn’t true. Not all achievers are rich, and not all rich people achieve great results in their lives.

Quite frankly, some people have acquired, won or inherited large sums of money but produce very little results in their day-to-day. Often, their lives leave little to be desired.

Some achievers have more money than they’ll ever need. Others have chosen to produce great results in fields that don’t compensate them to the extent of their contribution. Nevertheless, they commit to their goals and dreams and pursue them relentlessly. As a result, they achieve great results.

For example, many achievers are making a difference by doing humanitarian work. They live very modest lives (in terms of material possessions). But the simpleness of their lives doesn’t diminish their results in any way.

Likewise, great teachers who are training the next generation are often making a massive contribution while being in the shadows and are living discrete lives. But in their chosen field, they are achieving great results.

Whether or not you have business aspirations and financial ambitions, great results are accessible to you. You must define what that means to you and go for it; no one can travel this journey in your stead.

I want to reiterate that you can achieve great results in your life—if you want it.

If you’ve bought into one (or more) of the myths I have covered in this series, you now know better and can, from this day forth, choose to pursue your great goals, produce great work, and achieve great results.

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Vladimir Elie

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