7 Benefits of Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination is a fierce enemy. If you ever tried to overcome it, you know that it doesn’t let go without a fight. No matter how hard it is, if you’re grappling with procrastination, you have must persevere until you overcome it, or at least tame it; your efforts are more than worth it.

As a former professional procrastinator, I know life on both sides of the procrastination battle, and I can tell you that I prefer beating procrastination than being beaten by it.

The more you withstand the assaults of procrastination, the more your reap the benefits of a procrastination-free life. Here are a few of these benefits.

1. You’ll Achieve More of Your Goals

You have so many goals you wish to achieve, but procrastination has been blocking your way. Every time, you would begin your journey towards your one of your goals, procrastination shows up and says, “You can’t leave now…”

You could have started your book a long time ago, but you keep pushing back the time when you sit down and begin to write.

You could have started the fitness program a long time ago, but…

You could have started putting aside money for your children’s post-secondary education a long time ago, but…

You could have started… but…

When you aspire to achieve great goals, procrastination will stand in your way. When you finally free yourself from its spells, you progress in strides towards your goals. The sooner you launch, the sooner you cross the finish line.

2. You Tap Into More of Your Potential

Procrastination stifles your potential. Pursuing great goals and doing great work push you to tap into potential. It demands that you show up at your best. It requires that you be resourceful and creative. Interestingly enough, procrastination particularly doesn’t want you to tap into your potential. It says, “It’s too hard; it’s too painful. Go do something easier, like playing video games.”

You could do far more, but because you procrastinate, you settle for far less. Thus, your potential lays dormant inside you. And that’s a tragedy, not only for you but for us too. You had so much more to offer the world, but because procrastination held you captive in the place of complacency and ease, your treasures won’t see the day of light and serve those they were meant to serve.

3. You Increase Your Self-Control

One of procrastination’s favorite tactics is to convince you that you should get to work only when you feel like it. But to achieve great goals, you must get things done—even when you don’t feel like it. You don’t get the luxury of working only when you “feel” like it.

When you do what you must, with no regards to your desire to delay, you show great self-control. You do what must be done regardless of the way you feel. Each time you pay a deaf ear to the voice of procrastination and you set yourself in motion, you increase your self-control; you control your actions, not procrastination.

4. You Miss Fewer Opportunities

When you procrastinate, you miss opportunities. It’s that simple. Some opportunities come with an expiration date, and if you don’t act now, you miss them.

Procrastination loves it when you are stuck in indecision; it knows that if you’re indecisive for long enough, the decision will be made for you. And usually, that decision isn’t in your favor.

When you’re no longer prisoner of procrastination, you can react quickly to opportunities that align with your values and your vision—and seize them.

5. You Show Trustworthiness

When you say you’re going to do something and you procrastinate, you don’t deliver on your promise. And this erodes trust.

You can think about your own experiences. Have you ever had someone promise to do something for you but they don’t because they were procrastinating? You’ve probably done that yourself. I have.

By overcoming procrastination, you know that procrastination will lose its ability to make you break this type of promises. You’ll do what you say, and this will build trust.

6. You Prevent Problems from Amplifying

Some problems, like a small tear in a wool sweater, start small, but because you procrastinate and delay dealing with them, become greater and greater, until they become a crisis.

When you overcome procrastination, you prevent problems from amplifying; you tackle them head on without any delay. This works to your advantage because you deal with the “kitten” before it turns into a “lion”.

7. You Avoid Regret

Regret is the ultimate cost of procrastination. At the end of your journey, you’ll look back and you say to yourself, “I could have… I should have…” You’ll regret failing to pursue many of your dreams, failing to tap into more of your potential, failing to show more self-control, etc.

Here’s the deal. You only get one journey through life. And nothing great is accomplished by surrendering to procrastination but by pushing forth despite it.

Procrastination isn’t on your side—although it pretends to be. It’s trying to steal your time, your goals, your opportunities, your potential, and ultimately your life. This makes the journey towards overcoming it a worthy one, if not an essential one.