7 Inspirational Nuggets to Help You Win This Week – Tome 11

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!

This week, I encourage you to overcome challenges, finish what you start, embrace change, rest, follow through on your commitments, work at sharpening your skills, and watch your associations.

Nugget 1

Big goals bring big challenges.

On your journey towards a big goal, you’ll face challenges. No doubt. Get used to it. Those challenges don’t have to deter you from your goal; they test your resolve and force you to tap into your creativity. They’re opportunities to show what you’re made off, and when you overcome them, you appreciate your achievements all the more.

Nugget 2

One finished project is better than three half-done.

Bringing projects to completion can be a challenge. You must overcome all obstacles in your way while resisting the urge of tackling something else: another shining project. To reach your goals fast, you must focus and bind yourself to stay on task until you reach your destination. Finish what you start.

Nugget 3

Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is rest.

Rest must be an intricate part of your “productivity strategy.” Like working out at the gym, there comes a time when lifting more workload, for any longer becomes unproductive, even dangerous. And if you hurt yourself, you can no longer produce. Work enough; then, rest. Repeat this, and when you find your rhythm, you’ll build extraordinary momentum.

Nugget 4

People hear what you say, but they believe what you do.

People are observing you, and your behavior speaks louder than your lips. Your commitments cannot be in words only; they must also be supported by your deeds. When your mouth commits to things, but your hands omit to perform them, you lose credibility. Make sure your actions match your words.

Nugget 5

Life is a stream of transitions: one change after another.

You have to get used to change; it won’t stop. Life will continue to bring changes into your life, and you have to navigate those transitions. Don’t fear change; embrace it, even better, engineer it. You don’t have to be a victim of change; you can be an agent of change.

Nugget 6

To sharpen your skills, place demands on yourself.

You grow when demands are placed on your potential. You don’t have to wait for external factors to lead you to grow; you can initiate your process of growth. Your skills don’t improve in the place of comfort; you must push yourself out of that place and do things you have never done before.

Nugget 7

Some of your associations try to imprison you while others seek to empower you.

Whom you associate with matters. Your circle makes or breaks you. Some people encourage you to stretch your wings and soar above the storms of life and fly beyond your current limitations. Others want you to stay right where you are or go even lower. You want to stay away from people who pull you down and associate with the people who uplift your soul.

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Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.