7 Inspirational Nuggets to Help You Win This Week – Tome 14

Whatever goals you set, you must take action to achieve it. To be effective, you must invest your time in the right activities. You must deal with your bad habits before they destroy you. To reach excellence, you need discipline. However, don’t let your search for excellence become an excuse for you not to complete anything. To reach new levels, you must commit to your growth. Now is the only moment you have; make the most of it.

These are, at a glance, the topics I cover in this week’s inspirational nuggets.

Nugget 1

“Action” moves you from goal-setting to goal achievement.

You set goals, but are you prepared to do the work required to reach them? Setting goals is necessary, but not sufficient; until you take action, your goal doesn’t mean much. In fact, without “action,” you won’t achieve your goal. Therefore, when you set a goal, you must support that goal with massive and consistent action until you reach it.

Nugget 2

Working hard on trivial tasks is a waste of time.

You can sweat but make no progress. You can engage in activities but experience no productivity. It’s not only about working hard; you must also be working on the right tasks: tasks that add real value to your life and that of others. Therefore, it’s wise to examine your life and make sure that you invest your time and energy on valuable tasks and activities.

Nugget 3

Bad habits bind you. They must be broken.

Bad habits are like chains; they bind you and impede your progress. Worst, some bad habits are so destructive that those chains are tied to you on one side and tied to a big rock on the other, and that big rock is thrown in the river. Those habits are sinking your life and bringing it to the bottom of the river. And you must break the chains and free yourself before it’s too late.

Nugget 4

You are born with many raw talents, but it takes disciplined effort to reach excellence.

Without discipline, no one gets very far. Discipline is the price of excellence. If you want to reach levels of excellence in your chosen field, you must discipline yourself to do the required work. Discipline makes you show up when you don’t feel like it. While others play, you pay and make sacrifices to reach your great goals.

Nugget 5

Holding yourself to a high standard of excellence is good. Using this as an excuse to never complete a task is bad.

You’re designed to excel in your area of gifting. You’re meant to produce excellent work. The fruit of your labor is meant to be exquisite. Your efforts to reach excellence are commendable. However, don’t use this as an excuse to work on a task, a project, a book, a song, a painting, etc., indefinitely. At one point, you must put the final dot and ship.

Nugget 6

To become successful at something new, you must grow into someone new.

When you seek to achieve something new, you must be prepared to travel the journey of growth that’s set before you. You won’t reach a new level unless you grow into the type of person who can think and operate at that level. The sooner you can engage in the process of growth, the faster you can experience success in a new level.

Nugget 7

The only moment we truly have is now: the present.

The past is gone. The future isn’t here. The present is the moment you have. Don’t let yesterday and tomorrow rob you of today. Learn from your past. Plan for your future. But live in the present. That is, recognize that every moment is an amazing blessing and make the most of each one.

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