7 Inspirational Nuggets to Help You Win This Week – Tome 17

As you go about your week, strive to engage in purposeful activities, focus on activities that matter, collaborate with others, persevere when facing obstacles, engineer positive change in your life, take calculated risks, and give your best every day.

May this week be productive!

Nugget 1

Being in motion doesn’t always lead to progress.

All activities aren’t equal. Quite frankly, some activities are a waste of your precious time. Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re productive. Therefore, you can be in motion and be going in the wrong direction. To progress, you must engage in purposeful activities: activities that bring you closer to your goals.

Nugget 2

The discipline of focus leads to momentum.

To build momentum, you must focus on activities that matter most. You can’t be all over the place and expect to move forward fast. Distraction and disorganization slow you down, as in they delay your goals and results. Keeping your focus demands discipline. You must resist the urge to follow the many distractions that compete for your attention and focus your attention on your work.

Nugget 3

Success is a team sport.

No one makes it alone—not even the best of us. Don’t deceive yourself into believing that you’ll be able to achieve greatness all by yourself. To experience success, you need the contribution of others. Great accomplishments result from the collaboration of teams dedicated to a shared vision.

Nugget 4

Often the way “to” is by going “through”.

The journey toward your goals is filled with obstacles. However, these obstacles don’t have to deter you from your goal. You don’t have to backtrack or forfeit your goal every time something doesn’t go quite as you expected; you can press through everything that stands in your way. If you want to reach your destination, you have to show firm resolve.

Nugget 5

Seasons change. People change. Circumstances change. Get used to it.

No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to eliminate or avoid change. It’s an intricate part of life; embrace it. All your life, you’ll experience change. You don’t have to become a victim of change; you can engineer it. If an area of your life isn’t where you wish it were, change it.

Nugget 6

Playing it safe is a shortcut to a life of regret.

Staying confined in your comfort zone may cause you to look back on your life with regret. You have much to accomplish and contribute, but it requires that you take risks. You must step outside of your comfort zone, and when you do, there are no guarantees. Yes, you may fail, but you’re still better off than having to live with the sting of regret.

Nugget 7

Leave everything on the field of life.

You have one life to live, and it’s short. That makes life extremely precious. Don’t wait to live your best life. Don’t procrastinate on your dreams. Seek to make the best of every day you’re blessed to see. Be bold and take a bite at life. It’s your time.

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