7 Inspirational Nuggets to Help You Win This Week – Tome 18

This week will be what you make of it. Make it great. All it takes is that you make the decision and support that decision with your actions.

Nugget 1

The best of the human heart is expressed when it focuses on someone else’s welfare and well-being.

When you focus mainly on yourself, you shield yourself from a vital part of human experience. We’re meant to care for others and to serve them to the best of our abilities; when we do, we express the best of who we are.

Look around you; people, young and old, have needs that you’re destined to meet. Your gifts can make a difference in their lives.

Nugget 2

Don’t wait until you feel like it to do what you know you should do. Just do it!

Feelings can be deceptive; sometimes, they play tricks on you and lead you on the road to procrastination. If you’re not careful, they’ll convince you to play when you should work, to close your eyes on a situation when you should be addressing it, to stay in your comfort zone when you should be stretching beyond it. Let your commitment, not your feelings, drive you forward. Do what you must even when you don’t feel like it.

Nugget 3

Learn what you need to learn to get where you need to get.

Your goal requires that you grow. To reach it, you must commit to continuous learning. When you start your journey, you don’t know everything, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your goal; you can learn the skills and gather the information you need for your journey. If you believe in your goal, you must make sure that it’s not compromised by a lack of knowledge. Determine where you have information gaps and fill those gaps.

Nugget 4

It’s your responsibility to start. It’s your responsibility to stick to it.

No one will travel your journey for you. You must decide to begin and to stay the course. If you have dreams or a goal, you’re responsible for it, no one else. The government can assist you, but it won’t make it happen for you. Your friends and family can help you, but they won’t travel your journey in your stead. You must take ownership of your results and work diligently to reach your goal. It’s up to you.

Nugget 5

When you’re tempted to procrastinate, take one small step forward; you’ll discover that a body in motion tends to stay in motion.

“Action” defeats procrastination. Procrastination bows before action. Even the smallest action can bring procrastination to its knees. When you break inertia and start taking action, you’ll tend to stay in motion. Action begets action.

Nugget 6

The life you’ll have tomorrow will be shaped by the way you use your resources today.

Today shapes tomorrow. That is to say that what you do today, it matters. If you want a better tomorrow, you must skillfully manage today. How you use your time, money, energy, talents, and other resources today define the type of life you’re building for tomorrow. To secure your tomorrow, you must build your shelter today.

Nugget 7

Make it a habit to inject the “new” into your life.

Life is filled with possibilities. You still have many experiences to make, lessons to learn, and treasures to discover. There’s no reason for your life to be bland; you can be intentional about injecting the “new” in your life. You can go somewhere new (e.g., a new country, a new restaurant, etc.). You can learn something new (e.g., a new language, a new skill, etc.). You can do something new (e.g., take a helicopter ride, skydive, etc.). Spice up your life with the “new”.

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