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When you set a significant goal, you must be prepared to work and remain focus until you reach your destination. Others may help you along the way, but they won’t travel the journey in your stead. When you make mistakes, learn from them. As you work, get the job done fast and well. Whatever you do, be “you.” And remember that relationships matter most.

Have a wonderful week!

Nugget 1

Setting goals is easy; achieving them is hard.

The hard part about goals isn’t writing them on a piece of paper; it’s doing the work, overcoming obstacles, and persevering until you reach those goals. Anyone can say they want to write a book or build a profitable business or lose 50 pounds. But not everyone is ready to pay the price required to achieve those goals. Setting goals is only the starting point. Once you set a goal, you must travel the journey, and that’s when the “real” work begins.

Nugget 2

Be focused like a laser beam and pierce through any task.

A laser beam can pierce through the thickest structure. This concentrated light has tremendous energy. Focus gives you tremendous energy, which allows you to pierce through the thickest task. You must be intentional about remaining focus; there are so many distractions that would love to get you off track. However, if you want to build momentum and achieve results, you must learn to focus on your main tasks and goals.

Nugget 3

Others may help you along the way, but in the end, it’s up to you to make things happen.

You’re responsible for your goals. That is, don’t expect others to achieve your goals for you. No one will lose the 50 pounds on your behalf; you can’t delegate that. Others can come along and provide you the help you need to move closer to your goal, but ultimately you must take ownership of your results. Don’t wait for others to make things happen for you; do what it takes to achieve your desired results.

Nugget 4

Extract the lessons from every mistake you make.

The question is never: will you make mistakes? You will make many. We know this. The question is: will you learn from them? Your mistakes hold seeds of wisdom if you take a bit of time to extract them. You don’t need to dwell on your mistakes, simply learn from them and do your best not to repeat them.

Nugget 5

Authenticity is attractive.

You’re an original. You don’t need to become a copy. The easiest way to go through life is by being authentically “you.” Anything else adds an unnecessary burden on your shoulders. People want to see the real “you.” And when you let your true colors shine, the right people will be attracted to you.

Nugget 6

Someone who gets things done fast and well is a great asset to any organization. Be that person.

At work (and in life), your results build your reputation. When you consistently get the job done fast and well, you become a go-to person when there are important assignments to complete. At the same time, it becomes harder and harder to replace you. To thrive, organizations rely on the contributions of its workers, and when you produce work-class results, you become an invaluable asset.

Nugget 7

Relationships need time like flowers need water.

Your relationships need the water of your presence to flourish. Without water, flowers wither. Without time, relationships die down. In the busyness of life, don’t neglect your relationships. In particular, don’t lose touch with your significant other. Never forget that life is about relationships.

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