7 Inspirational Nuggets to Help You Win This Week – Tome 2

This week, let’s commit to taking focused action on our goals, connecting deeper with the people in our lives, exercising firm discipline, and showing great resolve.

In this post, I share seven of my inspirational quotes (I call them nuggets) to help you win this week.

Nugget 1

No action, no progress.

Many people have big dreams, but they fail to act on them. They talk about the incredible things they want to accomplish, but they never go from talking to taking action. Thus, they don’t make any progress; until they take action, they can’t move forward in the direction of their dreams.

If you’re to achieve remarkable results, you must develop a bias towards action. It’s the key that opens the door to reaching your goals. Procrastination puts you in a state of stagnation. “Action” propels you toward your destination.

Nugget 2

Break barriers; build bridges.

Connecting with others is vital to the human soul. However, connecting with others isn’t always easy. There are so many things that can put barriers between the people in our lives and us: a misunderstanding, a mistake, a different view of a situation, etc.

Building walls and barriers between people is easy. However, it benefits no one. We’re meant to connect and foster harmonious relationships. Seek to unite rather than divide. Create connections rather than separation.

Nugget 3

Distractions are dangerous.

If you’re driving and aren’t paying attention to the road because you’re distracted by, say, your smartphone, you can cause an accident. Distractions take your attention away from what matters most. And if you give in to them, they’ll compromise your journey and cost you your goals and dreams.

The fight against distractions is real, and you must deal with them before they “deal” with you.

Nugget 4

Make sure your tools fit your goals.

You would never try to eat chicken with a straw. Why not? A straw isn’t the right tool to eat chicken. If you aspire to build something great, you must ensure that you have the right tools to build it. Otherwise, you’ll get frustrated by your lack of results; you’ll waste time and energy and have little to show for your efforts.

The right tools give you leverage; they allow you to get more done with less effort. Your tools matter. If you have great goals, get great tools.

Nugget 5

Discipline outperforms talent consistently.

Discipline is essential for achieving remarkable results. You have talents. No doubt. The question is: “Do you have the discipline required to develop them?”

To maximize your talents, you need discipline. Someone less talented than you will go further than you merely because they are disciplined. You had no say in the amount of talent you were born with. However, you control the level of discipline you apply to develop and deploy them. Discipline makes the difference.

Nugget 6

Challenges test your commitment.

Achieving remarkable results comes with its challenges. These challenges are part of the course. You don’t need to be surprised when they arrive. They ensure that only the people who want it bad enough win: only those who pay the price reach the other side and win the prize.

Challenges arise to test your commitment. When you set on a great journey, you should expect challenges and as much as you can, prepare for them.

Nugget 7

Finding problems is easy. The added value is in providing solutions.

The greater part of the value you add in the world doesn’t come from your ability to find problems but from your ability to provide solutions. Not that finding problems isn’t necessary; it is. But fixing those problems is far more valuable. And to fix them, you need people who provide solutions. Knowing that your mobile device is defective is one thing. But ultimately the person who gets paid is the person who not only diagnoses the problem but fixes it.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, seek to be a problem-solver.

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Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.