7 Inspirational Nuggets to Help You Win This Week – Tome 21

In this week’s inspirational nuggets, I encourage you to offer the best of who you are, strive to become effective in your work, share your ideas with the world, understand your value, watch your attitude, set goals that push you to grow, and make the most of every moment.

Have a wonderful week!

Nugget 1

Show up in the world with the best of who you are.

There’s only one of you in the world. Therefore, you bring something unique to the world, and we need that uniqueness. You’re the only one who can be “you.” Therefore, you owe it to yourself and the world to show up with the best of who you are and to offer the best that you have to offer.

Nugget 2

Busyness doesn’t equate to effectiveness.

You’re busy as a bee. But are you effective? Cramming your schedule with more activities than a crowded highway at rush hour doesn’t mean you’re productive; it just says that you’re busy. Strive to make sure that you give your time, attention, and energy to activities that add value to your life and that of others. The other activities are distractions, and distractions compromise your effectiveness.

Nugget 3

Some of your ideas are jewels that can serve the world.

Your mind is an idea machine. That is, you’re creative. Some of your ideas can make a difference in the world. You may entertain a business idea that could solve a big problem in the world, but you’re afraid to pursue it. You may imagine a story you wish to tell the world in a novel, but you’re so scared to write it. Don’t underestimate the value and power of your ideas. Share your best ideas with the world.

Nugget 4

Imperfect doesn’t mean valueless.

Like everyone the planet, you’re not perfect. That doesn’t mean that you have nothing to offer; we all do. Your imperfections don’t cancel your value. Don’t let your flaws bring you down and prevent you from adding value in the world. You don’t need to be perfect to make a valuable contribution; you need to be generous.

Nugget 5

A positive attitude energizes the soul.

The attitude you adorn affects the way you feel and the way you act (and react). You don’t control everything that happens to you in a day, but you control your attitude and your response. In fact, you can choose your attitude. And when you choose a positive attitude, you exude life and energy. And this attracts good things and people into your life.

Nugget 6

Reaching your destination is pleasant, but the person you become along the way is just—if not more—important.

Pursuing a great goal is just as much about the person you become in the process than it is about achieving the goal itself. Significant goals demand that you grow significantly. To reach a great goal, you must grow and become a new and improve version of yourself. And this alone makes the journey toward a great goal worth it.

Nugget 7

While you wait for the “right” time, life is flying you by.

Your time is now. Life is lived moment by moment, and each is precious. Don’t let life slip through your fingers. Cherish each moment for the gift that it is. Avoid falling for the lies of procrastination; these lies aim to rob you of your life by convincing you to wait for “who knows what,” before you begin to live.

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Vladimir Elie

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