7 Inspirational Nuggets to Help You Win This Week – Tome 22

Through your decisions and actions, you can make this a remarkable week. Here are seven inspirational nuggets to help you do just that.

Nugget 1

The conditions won’t be perfect before you begin a great journey. Begin anyway.

Rarely are the stars all aligned when you begin pursuing a new goal. And if you expect to have perfect conditions before you launch, you might wait forever and miss your opportunity. If the goal is meaningful, you must start the journey, even if only by taking baby steps. What are you waiting for? Begin.

Nugget 2

The sooner you reach a goal, the sooner you can tackle a bigger and greater one.

Reaching a goal qualifies you to tackle bigger and greater ones. If you struggle to complete an “easy” goal, there’s little hope that you’ll achieve harder ones. Procrastinating on your goal slows you down. Bringing your goal to completion demands a great resolve. It requires that you take constant and focused action until you reach the finish line. And when you do, it builds up your capacity to tackle greater goals.

Nugget 3

Let love be the driving force of your life.

Everyone is driven by something. What drives your decisions and actions? I know of no better driving force than love: love for yourself; love for others; love for your work; love for God. When obstacles stand in your way, love will propel you forward. When discouragement seeks to push you down, love will lift you up. When fear attempts to hold you back, love will shake it off and compel you to soar.

Nugget 4

When your roots go deep, you can enjoy seasons of plenty and face seasons of scarcity.

Some are sunny and warm; some are cloudy and cold. Some are lush; some are scarce. Some seasons threaten to take you out. Some seasons seduce you and purpose to make you indulge in opulence. Life is a stream of seasons. And you have to make it through all. Your values (what you stand for) keep you grounded whatever the season you’re in.

Nugget 5

Like the sea, your mind hides great treasures that you must learn to uncover.

You’re blessed with the gift of imagination. Your mind is a sea of ideas. And you can learn to uncover the treasures that hide therein. If you give yourself the permission, even the mission, to think creatively, you’ll be surprised by some of the ideas you can share with the world. Not all your ideas are worth sharing, but some have the potential to make a massive positive difference.

Nugget 6

Don’t pay deaf ears to wise counsel; it’ll save you time and pain.

By taking heed of wise counsel, you accelerate your journey and reduce the number of lessons you have to learn the hard way. You don’t know everything. Some people around you hold the wisdom you need to get unstuck. Their wisdom can greatly improve your life, but you must be open to receive and apply it.

Nugget 7

You are granted a sliver of time to express your true glory and leave your legacy.

You’ve heard it say, “time flies’. One year makes way to another at the speed of light. You look back and wonder where time has gone. And if you’re not careful, life will pass you by. Each day, you’re granted the opportunity to use your gifts, skills, and resources to make a positive difference in the world.

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Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.