7 Inspirational Nuggets to Help You Win This Week – Tome 23

Your talents need discipline to blossom, and if you have a good guide, you’ll produce remarkable results. You must work, and work with the right tools if you aspire to create great work. Resist the urge worry and to hold on to grudges. Pray, prepare, and forgive. These are topics of this week’s inspirational nuggets.

Have a productive week!

Nugget 1

Marry raw talent to disciplined efforts, and your results will surely be remarkable.

You’re talented, but that’s not enough to achieve outstanding results; you must hone your raw talents through disciplined effort. If you refuse to put in the effort, it’s improbable that you’ll produce remarkable results. Discipline with zero talent won’t do it either; at best, you’ll get average results. Talent and discipline (and a good guide) is the winning combination.

Nugget 2

Nothing happens until you do the work.

Until you start the engine and press on the accelerator pedal, the car goes nowhere. Likewise, until you do the work, you stagnate. To reach a goal, you must commit to doing the work. You must press on it. Desiring the goal, writing it in your Moleskine notebook, contemplating it daily, telling people about it, won’t get you there. Do. The. Work.

Nugget 3

Using the wrong tools wastes time and energy—and you can hurt yourself.

Great work demands great tools. Cheap, ineffective tools cost a lot, not in money perhaps, but in time, energy, and peace of mind. Your work is too important for you to neglect your tools. Endeavor to get the best tools you can; it will accelerate your work.

Nugget 4

A good guide will shorten your learning curve.

If you want something fast, find a good guide. A good guide helps you acquire the knowledge and acquire the skills you must possess to achieve your desired result. They show you where to focus your attention and efforts. Furthermore, your guide helps you avoid common pitfalls that slow you down and lead to frustration.

Nugget 5

To sharpen your skills, place demands on yourself.

To take your skills up a notch, you must place higher demands on yourself. That is, you must push yourself beyond your comfort zone and step up your game. Resist the urge to become complacent; you’re not “there” yet. Turn the heat up a little and take your skills to another level.

Nugget 6

Don’t waste your energy in worry. Prepare diligently for the bad and the ugly.

When life throws you into the sea of uncertainty, it’s normal to be tempted to worry yourself to death. But giving in to worry is never the solution; it has never resolved any issues. Do your best to prepare for what could go wrong. And when something doesn’t go as planned, pray, ask for help, and use your emotional energy and creativity to find solutions.

Nugget 7

Forgiveness isn’t easy, but it’s liberating.

At times, you get hurt—like everyone else. People mistreat you. They make mistakes. They lie on you. They break your trust. Etc. The best thing you can do in these situations is to forgive and move on. However, that’s easier said than done. Forgiving someone who hurt you is hard. But that’s how you get free; as long as you hold on to the hurt, you remain its prisoner. When you forgive, you give yourself the grace to heal.

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