7 Inspirational Nuggets to Help You Win This Week – Tome 24

This week will be what you make of it; might as well make it a masterpiece.

Nugget 1

“Intention” show where you want to go; “action” gets you there.

“Intention” without “action” is watching your car but never getting in it to drive it; the car may look good, but it won’t get anywhere anytime soon. Defining your intention is vital. However, to reach your destination, you must step on it: take massive action. You have many intentions—i.e., many goals—but are you doing the work to bring them from idea to reality?

Nugget 2

Execution at one level prepares you for execution at a greater level.

Whatever you get to do, do it diligently; like school, what you learn at one level prepares you for the next. Negligence doesn’t pay off; diligence does. You may not yet be at the level you aspire to be, but wherever you are, you can execute to the best of your ability and learn all you can.

Nugget 3

Be generous with your words. I don’t mean being verbose but encouraging.

Most people need words of encouragement like flowers, water. You may not realize this, but many people around you feel in a drought when it comes to receiving encouraging words. You can refresh their heart with your words of encouragement. When it comes to encouraging others, verbosity matters less than authenticity.

Nugget 4

Someone needs what you have to offer.

Never forget that you can make a difference in the lives of others. The people around you may not recognize your value, but someone will. Don’t withhold your best for fear that no one will appreciate your contribution. Continue to serve what you’re uniquely gifted to offer.

Nugget 5

Don’t waste time tracking enemies; focus your efforts on building your friendships.

Not everyone likes you. Not everyone is kind to you. But some doyour friends. And these are the people who must get your time, energy, and attention. Avoid neglecting your friends because you’re consumed by your “enemies.”

Nugget 6

What you produce with your time can live beyond your lifetime.

Your life is precious, and the contribution you make while you’re still breathing can continue to make a difference long after you’re gone. To a great extent, you decide how you use your time, and you can use it to leave a great legacy. When you understand this, you begin to have the utmost respect for your time.

Nugget 7

Little energy, little productivity.

If the charge on your phone is low, it won’t carry you through the day. Your ability to produce is directly linked to your level of energy. Without energy, it’s difficult to focus and muster the willpower to get your work done. It’s not that you don’t want to work; it’s just that you can’t—you’re too exhausted. Take time to recharge.

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