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This week, you have great work to do. You can’t indulge in complacency, procrastination, fear, or any other thing that holds you back. Here are my seven inspirational quotes to help you win this week.

Crush it this week!

Nugget 1

Keep challenging yourself; there’s more inside you.

There’s something I know about you even without having met you: your potential is great. Whatever you’ve accomplished in your life so far, you can do far more. If you’re still breathing, you still have a contribution to make, and you can continue to grow. When you retreat in your comfort zone, you do a great disservice to yourself and to the people you’re meant to serve. You have more to offer, and someone needs your contribution. It’s up to you to never let yourself stagnate but push yourself to grow and serve more.

Nugget 2

Be merciful; you make mistakes too.

Everyone makes mistakes, and thus, at times, we all need mercy and forgiveness to be extended to us. Despite our best efforts, sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes, our actions don’t match our intentions. Don’t be surprised when people make mistakes as if you were foreign to the world of mistakes. When people make mistakes, remember: it could have been you. Act towards them as you would want them to act towards you if the table were turned. Be merciful.

Nugget 3

You’re not here forever. Get to work.

Here’s the deal. You don’t have the luxury to indulge in procrastination. You have goals and dreams to reach, and to do so, you must act now. You’re granted a sliver of time to make a difference in the world, and you must seize your moment. You’ve waited long enough. It’s time to take action. You don’t want to reach the end of your journey and have regrets because you never took action on your goals and dreams. If your goal is important enough to think about, it’s important enough to act on. Get to work.

Nugget 4

You don’t control seasons, but you can make the most of each one.

Some seasons of life are warm and sunny. All is going well; you feel on top of the world. Other seasons are harsh and cold, and you wonder if you’re going to make it through. Life is filled with ups and downs. Most of what happens to you, you don’t control. However, you can control your reaction. Whether you’re in warm season or a cold season of life, you can maximize that season. In fact, you must seek to make the most of every moment. There’s something you can get out of every season of your life.

Nugget 5

Seek wise counsel. But remember, you’re responsible.

Having trusted advisers is precious. They can share their experience and expertise with you to accelerate your journey. Through the exchanges with them, you can be led to see a situation from a fresh perspective. Their advice can help you avoid pitfalls. Despite all the benefits of receiving wise counsel, you must never forget that you’re responsible for your results (or lack thereof). Ponder over the advice, but make your own decisions, as you’re the primary person who has to live with the consequences of your choices.

Nugget 6

Don’t be so afraid to make a mistake that you fail to make a move.

Fear of making a mistake can paralyze you. It’s no question: if you attempt to do anything significant, you’ll make mistakes. But that can’t stop you from making a move. Don’t stay home for fear to hit a bump in the road. Not that you’re going to make mistakes intentionally, but you must recognize that mistakes are part of the journey to remarkable results. When you make a mistake, all isn’t lost; you can learn and grow from every mistake you make.

Nugget 7

People who achieve remarkable results don’t shy away from unpleasant tasks; they tackle the head on.

The journey to remarkable results brings its share of unpleasant tasks, and to get your desired outcome, you must get your hands dirty. You can’t seek comfort, ease, and convenience, and expect that you’re going to achieve remarkable results. Some tasks are hard and some you don’t particularly enjoy, but you must tackle them if you’re to enjoy the results—just like the farmer has to tilt the ground and sometimes get their nails dirty if they want to enjoy the harvest.

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