7 Inspirational Nuggets to Help You Win This Week – Tome 8

Another great week is set before you. This week, I want to stress the importance for you to take proper rest, plan your work, cherish your relationships, take action, remain consistent in your work, express your true self, and not let fear of the unknown paralyze you.

Nugget 1

The unknown isn’t to be feared; it is to be demystified.

To achieve what you have never achieved before, you must go where you’ve never been before. And this requires that you step, by faith, into the unknown. Don’t be afraid to travel to uncharted territories. You don’t have to fear the unknown; you can demystify it. Perhaps you can research and gather information on the goal you aspire to achieve. Perhaps some people have traveled the journey before you, and you can leverage their experience. Whatever you do, don’t let fear of the unknown paralyze you.

Nugget 2

God didn’t create you to be a copy of anyone, be it someone you admire.

You have a unique contribution to make to the world. You’ve learned the fundamentals of life (e.g., walking and talking) through imitation. However, once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you’re not meant to stay stuck in imitation; you must move to self-expression (i.e., expressing your true self). Let the people you admire inspire you, but don’t become their clone: be you.

Nugget 3

Consistency builds momentum.

When you keep your foot on the accelerator pedal, your car gains speed. When you’re consistent in your work, you increase your speed: momentum. And this momentum carries you to the finish line faster than if you work half-heartedly. If you work consistently for long enough, you become unstoppable. Achieving anything significant requires consistency.

Nugget 4

Don’t expect perfect conditions before you take positive action.

Many people suffer from “perfection paralysis.” Waiting for conditions to be perfect, they never make a move. And, while they wait for perfect conditions, time is passing them by. Taking action is what moves you forward. And the conditions don’t have to be perfect before you take action. You’ll hit bumps in the road. You’ll experience turbulence. But take steps forward anyway.

Nugget 5

To flourish, your relationships must be cherished.

Relationships are like flowers. You must let the light of your presence shine on others by spending quality time with them. You must water them with your words of affirmation. You must nurture them with acts of kindness. In short, you must cherish your relationships. And when you do, they begin to flourish and bless your soul.

Nugget 6

When you spend time planning, you save time implementing.

You wouldn’t start building a house without first taking the time to plan your project diligently. Without any planning, you would waste a lot of time by starting your work over and over again. Similarly, it’s wise to take the time to plan the journey towards your great goals. The time you spend planning is time well invested; it’ll save you time when you launch on your journey and begin your work.

Nugget 7

Being productive requires a fine balance between sweat and rest.

If you work, work, work, but never take the time to relax, you eventually burn out. If you relax, relax, relax, but never do any work, you get no results. To be productive, you need the proper dose of labor and leisure: you need a balance between sweat and rest. There’s a time to work and a time to rest.

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Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.